Players most likely on the move at NBA trade deadline



Forward so here it we're getting close to the trade deadline right Thursday three PM as the NBA trade deadline here's a dose of reality about the trade deadline I'm from our our understanding you know forget for a moment who the Sixers are interested we know they're interested in Robert Covington Bogdanovich Derrick rose handful other players with other interested in them our but the issue which has been the issue all along is what do they have to give up in exchange to make such an acquisition and the only names that anybody can come up with includes the organization or someone legs I hear Smith or Mike Scott who quite frankly nobody wants either those guys they're throw ins in a deal to complete a deal nobody wants them what is our year end Smith bringing yeah he's young but guess what he's still NBA incredibly raw hasn't matured hasn't grown hasn't refined anything skill wise so he has of no value right now he's not helping out anybody Mike Scott if my sky can hit a three he's worthless out on the court he can't play defense save his life so the only thing you really have his draft picks which you're really running out of them so when you look at the the reality of their situation right you know that nobody wants a Smith Mike Scott Tobias Harris is completely untreatable who on earth would want that contract for a guy who's hit or miss night in and night out who is completely unreliable nobody that's a contractor you try to get rid of when you eat a lot of it if things get out of control al Horford come home find a single team that's gonna want anything to do with that contract including the Sixers to be honest with MBT and Ben Simmons now I know earlier tonight our when I was that I was at home doing a little bit of prep get you know for let's talk about tonight and jotting down some bullet points you know Howard Eskin joins Joe Giulio I usually Tuesday nights and of course you know what a certain point they were talking six years and I'm listening to Howard and he would love for the Sixers to have the the guts to trade either Simmons or in beat by Thursday afternoon when it comes to that I could not disagree more we all know what they think it is it comes down to this we all know would ban is capable of and we all know if that big if becomes unlocked what is truly capable of and and the different level that he goes to what we we see how talented he is Jo Ellan beat when his mind his head is on tie and his mind is focused we all know the talent that he truly is and what he's capable of there is the incredible talents in the NBA which are so rare and hard to find right this is what you stunk those years for to get players like that do you think if you decide to trade either of them by Thursday afternoon you will get anywhere near close that value in return no you sell either of them you're getting fifty percent at best in return you're not getting the proper pieces that you think you're missing in return for one of them not even close the best I and I mean this is what I think they're going to do I I would be I I'm I I can't imagine any scenario where they decide that we tried to trade either of them by Thursday three PM what I envision possibly happening they move on from the head coach they find somebody else to try to get through to one of them to try to make it work you exhaust all options before you make a decision as drastic as trading one of those two players I mean this is the hope right here I I can't envision any scenario because the we all know Joe wells a half court player which doesn't exactly fit well as a centerpiece in today's NBA which is all about pace but having said that if it's heads on tight you get to the playoffs that's when you need to have core presence more than anything and when you have banned unless he has the exact talent around him his shortcomings will come forth in a half court game yet again so I I still I still hold out hope that the two of them can work together if the towns around the correctly if they're motivated properly if they're put in certain situations I will

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