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Hello Planet Earth and welcome to the red disrespected. Okay hello and welcome back to mass show. Today I'm recording on my phone because the website keeps acting up in a seem to record from the left. I'll I'll be reading from the anyways because this story is a bit interesting. You know. It's not really that long. But there is a long discussion. That comes with it. Especially when people made me people today I'll I'll be reading a story from our slush name nerds about a someone who was named America among other things so let's jump right on them so our slush named words is a place where this cuss people's names meanings among other things and do something extent roosting people for having for giving their kid certain names and this is one of those times accepted some opie opie grossing their own parents posted by usage slump to our recording. My parents lean meat America. How do I tell them a hate my name without hurting their feelings and the post body goes mining? This got me unwanted attention all out of questions and I get. The interactions of slowly began to resent my name as a entered college. Realistic realized people don't slash WOM- take me seriously because of my parents don't understand Be Proud of my name makes me stand out in a good good way so responses to this posts have been mixed at best and there are some other suggesting that. The pollster goes by nicknames. Something Erica or any or and some even backing it up by saying that they know in America is short for America. So I actually have a weird really. This is like why would you name something like especially some of the some people considered controversial and the the pre another person actually says that they actually think that if they see that name that the parents are like very concerned with them in nothing. That's the first thing that comes to my mind either. That they're big funds of franchises like Hamilton. Or something that do have something to do with American honestly back then when I also found that was all night perspective the main list as well in the event of actually do end up mainly human being so I mean. I'm not that that so many people just thinking you're Erica them. Then there's there's another it sounds like you've already tried to talk to them about it. And they gave you an answer and and they did they give you a name that they talked will serve you well but it's not your fault that it didn't work out that way you're allowed to feel who you feel. And and he asks even what's going talking to them about it they want to change your name and the thing is changing your name is it's a thing that's an actual option but the thing is it's actually pretty hard you know you have lots of Mary's all that and there's like the crap ton of documents do we'll have to deal with with the bureaucratic changing changing names and all that and it's like you'll have to go to all each and every portent documents from birth certificates everything in between and also it's only only the deterrent just for one thing and so at some point you just go by nickname or like stage name. So you don't have to deal with your really my daily basis or something or the specially if you want to pursue something lethem and the last commander says that. He personality elects dinning America and that he can be proud of even. If it's patriotic. I have the time disposes. A bit funny in the weeds like going to live before there was like doesn't doesn't like my really I can't really have so I usually end up calling myself names. That have totally nothing to do with actually because I cannot having victim and so Let's head to make brand names or use my middle name but I learnt that that side of the family Good so I had to stop using it and so I just had to the Elbit. That's my name. I don't have an agreement but sometimes they elevated like the opposite of nickname in some spaces eliminated to a longer form. Where it's the last two syllables of longer than I do? But then it's like us for my own advice the Opie I feel like he's official really talking about it or I mean she I think I am not too sure but they told open up about their barons or maybe even as France with wise because she could read vice and yeah I mean I don't think we know feels like I can't imagine it must be hard and now let's go on to see some of the other boasts on this separate. Okay so this new trailers about a naming the while meaning something that they finding the one that was unique. So the the bullets there was you slush Sarah L. Ninety nine so so I've just started unusual in a trailer Coral Sarah said and follows with. I asked her story behind did. And she's the the Carl Persson says that her mother was reading Corals in important they were so she named her daughter Coral as a kind of tribute This this is actually a good one. Like if we're GONNA take a nature name at least be Actually be someone who wants to research For the impending destruction of some natural resources like this one naming coral reef for forest I are doing the of names that signify imported natural things Glacier will be like oh be a bit stretch do maybe glazed forbidding then then there and then there's things will autumn winter summer the candidates and it's interesting to think what about the dead. The there are people that are using other people s a billboard for an Rogerson. It's actually better than being being a billboard for Phantom. You know I'm I'm talking to your people naming their kits and kin or Kelly see that time thing because seriously naming it gets after after the fund that was a bit sluggish especially with the whole collegiate incident and was around in early. Twenty Nine P.. Knows this the collegiate incident were bunch of people. Were already named that all that and then next thing you know the character the namesake just decides to burn down the entire capital city of the fictional country that she was part and was site two to three at the time the twitter the time exploded Jokes that people rushing to their county office is located. It will say it was pretty. It was a funny thing and billboard for focused way dovers. Although do it's kind of strange. It can can be changed but it's way better because like just like. Oh hello there my kid as we're cullimore. Hello them up kid CAPLESS Aberdeen. Yeah people actually. I've I've seen is like there's facebook. There's a thing called new book where people just Gross People's names or people's kids names and then there's one that where there's a pair of twins named cabinets in Khalid. Yep No. I think it was cut Vanessa. Ah I think basically it was two of the popular girl. Find Them. Girls kind of the main man was that strange. Also CASTELLS I. I don't watch supernatural Announcing that right but Castillo is also common or this skill. It's really a strange trend to see but I guess in the future if I do end up having a kid they'll be in a room full of Casteel And all of those names all them tap miss this. I guess I'll be asking helps. Kindness doing now is still the least. I guess I will be eventually but I I guess the only time will tell what happens but this is an interesting trend and and I actually wonder if the twenty twenties will follow through with this and we'll still be have job having these phantom names trend so I guess that's one thing that's gonna be on the lookout for maybe in our I guess six thousand episodes episode If you could be daily so that's pretty much it for today. I'll see the next the next day. Be Sure to do all the fun. Fuck at this podcast thing. Supporting Patria follow me on twitter at the rudder underscored. twit hit like on my facebook. Page brother Tour podcast. Thank you and goodbye..

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