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Here. You move back to La we're Pastrami town. That's what you should be eating. My meatless begins at hand. Bliss saw next next all right. Now let's move on. Do we want to talk about. The Patriots are just jump in the state of the Patriots today. Intrigue you right. Then we could get William. He could do like four or five men. I don't think we need to get to it. Let's go Alan Jara Week. Fourteen red challenge flag pigs the Here we go. You know what I'll throw one in a bonus one because of this ally ally manning news it does look like Eli is going to be under center. Let's start with Eddie Spaghetti. Who Do the giants have again? They got the bills on Monday night Monday night. As you mentioned there are all right. A little more intriguing than it was twenty four hours ago Eddie. Spaghetti Eagles job. I think it's less intriguing. I think that the giants would have won with a now would have won but I think they would have been more competitive with Jones with allies in really bad versed eagles in his career. Especially Away Games. I this is going to be pretty brutal. How do you know the hasn't hasn't like actually the rest? He's had for whatever eight weeks ten with a little juice armies right okay. I'm feeling like I can throw the pool. The main issue is tackled the shoulders and banged up and remers not good and the bad there. One Reason Jones has been alive is the mobility. You'll has mobility Jones arm. Also more live right now than Eli was you like couldn't hit the sidelines and not as so it's like I think it'd be the one thing I will say. Positively is that this will be the best game by far. He's GonNa get a bunch of check down the eagles display last week. I did have argued. Yeah they're they're weird. They're better their defense is terrible away. They're good at home. There splits a really weird. So I think it's going to happen. Giants GonNa run into like an eagle's buzzsaw like maybe maybe push for the division Saquon all the good game. I will look fine but you know what as far as Eli goes. All of a sudden it feels like the universe versus settled on the idea that he lies done. There's nothing left there. And he needs to have some dignity hanging up if he plays well for even one game name. I think that'd be enough. Obviously the fifteen prior years suppose that he can play himself back into a starting spot somewhere not not with the giants obviously but with a QB needy team for twenty twenty not a starter. Now no I think someone can take a flyer as a backup if he wants. I don't know if he wants that but I don't think anyone son him. I wonder one game is not going to be enough. If for whatever reason he likes it up and then maybe one game against against the Magdalene got paid a lot different now money. No one knew who he was but that one game you know any immediately. Everyone realized the last two years looking like well at least by for himself if he plays well I wonder if he thinks I was ready to hang it up and I want to be backup but maybe if I can get into a spot where I can compete and training camp. I'll give it a shot. But the place for him as far as a backup goes is the go back and catch up with Tom. Coughlin offline whereas which is what I know. We'll they're going to have to move. They're gonNA roll with full just going to stand there and I guess that's a I do that. Yeah Weird so I think we're all one of the weirdest Mr Okay. We've taken the eagles. Yeah we're taking the because I just wanted to throw that one in there okay. Let's move on the big ones here and boy massive stuff here. I say it all the time and it bears repeating for the million and first time which is seventeen of the last twenty to go to the Super Bowl had a by so it is just an illusion. That the what you're chasing is to get into the mix what you practically practically need what you realistically need. Based on the last decade of evidence is you need the not. Just get in. You have to be able to take a week off before you're either by the week. Gophers it about playing it. I think it's I think the close. Yeah absolutely I think it. It is so hard to win games that to not have to win three and only when is such a huge advantage to me. Yeah I right. It's it's so much bigger than I. Think the teams are closely mostly packed together dominant cities even the wildcard teams. You know to some degree you know especially in the NFC either Seattle or San Francisco or going to be a wildcard game. I want no part of that. You know what I mean if you're if you're the bottom team the cowboys who were the Vikings are packers and your first ripe is the niners the auction site. ooh Right now is that you're going to get Reiner's down in In Big D for Classic playoff game in terms of you know the the postseason history between those two teams and the forty niners. They are right. Now it's an interesting statistic margin of victory or I'm sorry Oreo point differential the Patriots and the Ravens and the niners are tracking to historic levels versus the preceding six teams. The top the top two teams in scoring margin in each of the last six seasons made it to at minimum the conference title game so the Niners niners would be the anomaly of that statistic if they couldn't break through but the saints they beat them decent spot and it probably still comes down to that week seventeen game in Seattle which is marvelous stuff but to the here now handsome Hank niners saints. Choose oh I can't wait eight to hear what everybody says about this one. I'm GonNa take the niners. Are you really bad. Money Smith Goes Spaghetti through it. Go ahead Spaghetti. You're the only the throw the flag make your case for the same. I can't believe all three of US denies yet that I was going to be the The Lone Wolf. They are on the self. Our I picked the the niners to win the division. I can't jump off now As as the number one overall leader for the red flag picks whatever seven to one less. I have an old last time. This this is the toughest week I think depending is by far. I'm just taking the saints. Because one at home for ask tough laws I think they may like James Gunn and go skiing a bit. And they're afraid now. The seahawks are in division. Lead like mentally of the players are right AGAIN JUST COMES DOWN TO I. Just don't if ju breeze is on fire with my Thomas I just don't see Jimmy G. Going score score then that being said what can the four hundred Stevens due to me. It's like a fifty one. Forty nine percentage game this one. I'm here's the coin flip like I don't know I'm GonNa go with the superdome. Yeah pretty one forty nine. Yeah they haven't been as dominant this year though under the Dome so I don't think that's as big a factor as it would have been appointed a year ago and drew brees. Hasn't been on. Fire has in the past. I especially against the defense. It's like this one people. I don't know what it is with drew brees. That people don't like to say that people jump all over. Tom Brady I guess because they wanNA knock him off. The football mountain drew. brees is still people people don't they. They take fence. When you point out like it doesn't look magical anyway? Completion percentage but yeah the sizzle. Look them asses asses Heathrow missiles not there Alvin Kamera's no not at full strength and gentles just such a difference maker that when he's out there it's exactly what you pair that that defense with an offense that has a difference maker like kindle and that's the guy that it's been you know I mean yeah it'd be nice to have people Samuel starting to emerge now as we forecast ask again. They have so much speed at running back that it just seems like it doesn't matter who they put back there. There's a physical fast back to be the identity of what Kyle Shanahan wants. Do look very similar. They're all mostly and then it turned the corner host. So I just I look eighty said it was a tough lost. They're coming off. I thought it was a great loss. I mean they had a game plan. They came in. They executed it perfectly and they just happen to be playing a very good team and a break or a balance here or there and the niners get out of there with a win. This this Ravens team that had just dominated the Texans. That treats I mean any good team that came in there. They've racked in the niners. Were trading blows them so that game on a neutral right potentially. Let's say Miami right for example so who knows how that shows as well and then you wonder if it rains in Miami on that if you do get this super bowl at all that Iran again I think those people call. I wouldn't either one the bottom line is I'm right and yes I mean I keep saying this about the the niners. How many signature wins? Do they need to have before. People stop acknowledging. Hey this is going to make people start paying attention to the. How many of those games do they have to play their the two losses over time to the seahawks without Emmanuel Sanders? George Kit a chance. And it with a kicker and the backup kicker misses the kick or else they would have been undefeated after that one and then this loss and always talk about. What are you learn a copycat league? What will the rest of the League pick up from? What the niners did the slow that down? The rain may be impacts packs everything. I don't know that the rain throws it helps the niners a little bit. Maybe but but either way the thing you just can't replicate thing. We've talked about all season. Is that the front that they have. I mean Fred Warner now getting some buzz and everything but that it's the front that you can't run makes it much harder for Lamar Jackson or any other human being to run. When the when you're tackles in and Nick Bosa are getting such a push disrupting your ability to even turn around? Hand the ball off to a guy so I think that that obviously you will travel down to New Orleans and like I. Don't you think anybody is going to be stunned if win it but yes there. We go one down several ago. Now we go to ooh the Ravens and the Bills Matt Money Smith the Ravens Riding High back to that margin of victory business that I already brought up talk about a historic thing. The average the league leaders average around twelve points at the end of the year in margin of victory over the last six years the mighty chiefs is for instance twelve points. A game is what they're what they're wins came by a year ago. These ravens are winning games by sixteen and a half points and on the road. It's twenty two twenty two points there obliterating teams on the road why the bills might be able to stand up there that I don't know but let's get an answer from Matt money. Anything Baltimore Buffalo. Choose boy oh boy. This is tough it is I do believe this is tough I'll take the ribbons. I'll throw it you know I. I'm not kidding. I thought it was a tough a tough call a week ago. You didn't think that the bills Dell's could beat the cowboys. Now I did. I took the bills over and I took the bills over the cowboys and now the bills can beat the ravens at all. I think well first of all they had you know the extra couple of days. So I think they get over the the hype of themselves and where they said currently and they're tracking towards the playoffs gives them an extra beat to refocus a relatively young team but the more practical thing is that the defense is dynamite. Man The defenses is plush. Darn aren't good. Yeah that was true but they just played the dynamite defense and still managed to beat them in the niners. How the bill's going to do one buffalo and I you know we with what's in front of us any given time? It feels like who's going to beat the Ravens. Are they just going to not lose again. They may not. I don't ask that rhetorically. They may they may win out and then run through the playoffs. They're tracking that direction. But I suspect they have. Another loss is coming before things are before December's through and this is before that that joint is going to be hopping. This is the biggest game in Buffalo since Ryan Fitzpatrick Patrick Adrian. Sweet page right. Now though. Both of those will be on the road and Natural L. Slip. They go to Pittsburgh for Sunday night. Just decide go to foxborough. I can't decide what to me. That forty niners and you said it hang there the dynamite defense but you just saw some of those issues news with Lamar return and ability to pass accurately on the outside. The niners took away the entire middle of the field. They forced him to run outside. Which along gated those runs that were thirty? Forty yard runs to be eight and eleven yard runs instead. They're still effective. They still won the game but you know the bills defense is really good and if they can replicate tate you know what the niners were able to do which is very hard because at talent specifically on the defensive line I could see it staying..

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