The Waterfall Rappelling Disaster


So I'm getting in my head a little bit and this guy is just like the Ronchi low which doesn't help at all whatsoever so we start walking down this wall and horrible. I mean to say walking down implies multiple steps you took a single staff at yes I made. I got one step and that was. That was the only stop that I made consciously throughout this adventure. Here's the thing about repelling. It's not like rock climbing where it's like you can go down a little bit and then climbed back up. If you feel unsafe. There is one direction all the way down. Does he's here he's style so I got about one foot down and I started to panic and I started to yell back up at the guy what the flock of my supposed to be doing and my legs again. Because I wasn't quite clear on what I do I put them out. Put them in my moonwalking here but it's just water and unlike these awesome and he's got nothing wrong kilo he can't hear me. I can't hear him. My husband whizzes by me like a freak of adventure her nature. Just a Whiz of Ginger. You make me sound way. More heroic here was my mindset. Okay so I'm walking backwards. I'm walking backwards into a waterfall. Super Super Chill drank kilo. Oh Shit Lis having a panic attack. There's no way for me to get up. I'M GONNA have to go down really fast. You know I was having a panic attack or screaming baying all I heard all I heard was there's actually you had a gopro footage of this. There's the footage of it you can. That's exactly what is on. So you're at the top and you're on Iraq but then eventually really you walk into the waterfall. And so there's just a torrent. Is that why it's called. There's a torrent of water. Yes I mean. That's I thought. And he's got it and you just dangling like a spider in the water and it's just like it's like being power hosed that it is being boroughs you're getting blasted in the face by waterfalls freezing cold just gushing water water in the middle of the air meanwhile often the increasingly far distance. So okay so my husband has been has vanished and I'm all alone guy up at the top can't help because he's at the top and I'm on a waterfall. I just start giving myself like a little pep talk. I'm like all right. Here's here's the thing you gotta just do it. You gotta just use your legs and you just got to walk down the wall and it's fine thank you. This is traveling. You're traveling. You're on a year long honeymoon. You're adventurous insurance and I'm like okay. Do this so I started to walk down the wall. I got about three more feet and my foot hits a cave and I flip up my shit. This is when I started having a panic attack. This is WANNA kicked in. Yeah there's like different levels of the Rock and there's gaps in it which I didn't realize either until I hit that cave. I thought that I was spiraling out two. Nothing my move my foot where I thought that there was a rock and there was not a rock and I thought that I was going to die A.. And that's when my like short. Little bursts of screams turned into blood curdling shrieks of terror. At this point I was almost to the ground. I'm pretty sure on the GOPRO footage. Did you just hear. Oh Shit Oh Shit Oh Shit Oh shit and then me screaming like eight thousand feet in the air and I finally get to the to the bottom. And it's the it's these slippery rocks that are next to the swimming hole because they're super slippery and moss covered because the waterfall hits them and I'm scrambling on these rocks. And I unhooked the robot open I run up to the guy at the ground because he has to hold the other end of the rope to make sure you're safe quote unquote and I started screaming like like we need help we need. I hope I forgot the word for help. It's like the only word that you're supposed to know when you go abroad May I know but I forgot at the time and I was like. Somebody's gotTa help her. Somebody's gotTa help her and his reaction of of course was so. I'm like flipping my shit in a cave and then I started to give myself another pep talk right and I'm like listen. Here's the thing. My my second pet dog is actually a lot more than my first from. My first one was really like we can do this. My second was like. Here's the thing if you don't start walking down this fucking wall you're gonNA die in this cave Dave. Nobody's GonNa come rescue you. Your hands are GonNa just cease to function. You'RE GONNA fall off this waterfall and you're going to die and that was my pep talk. I thought that would help. And it did sort of because then I started attempting to move again except for that. My hands had frozen into clause like I was in a horror movie and and Gone Numb. So here's the thing about the science of repelling for those of you listening who you're like. I wanted to repel and now this sounds terrible the way that the road is constructed. Did you could absolutely let go and nothing would happen. Yeah he probably explained that in Spanish. I didn't get the memo about that. Turns out yeah. I could've literally just let ago and been fine but because I was huddled in fetal position in a cave. I wasn't going anywhere and I was just going to die there. I mean don't let go no but you can perfectly safe the whole time rope wraps around Wraps around the belay device and it's it's fine and there's a guy on the ground to pull it tight and in case you you start to slide. It's totally safe. And some people just they just like let their hands loose and they're like whoo. I'm Australian. Probably I got ads. You know. That's not me start right any listeners in Australia you guys are just better at traveling than we are attractive and fine. Every Australia. I've ever managed to tractive and fund so the guy gets on the radio and he's like is pretty sure he said these gringos need help. And then the guy at the top. WHO's supposed to be our surveillance? He's supposed to be watching us for safety. He he just throws a rope over and see this rope falling. Pass me in my cave fetal position and I am fully convinced that that is the rope that is supposed to be attached to me and I am now stuck in a cave and if I move I will plummet to my death. I didn't think I could scream louder or be more terrified. But that's what happened. At that moment. The rope became a rope from like Wylie Coyote. where it gets cut in the rope falls by Wiley Coyote stays? I'm pretty sure that's what I thought was happening. That's what I thought was happening happening. I was like at any moment. I'm going to plummet to my dad so he hops on this rope like. It's no big deal because hindsight it really wasn't a big deal and he slides down and he gets to me in the cave and he's like all right years what you do you put your legs out you walk down the fucking waller and I'm talking like Orlando is what should bill you know. And he's Spanish. Should I'm screaming and he's this is not getting through to me. All I'm doing is like looking. Get Him in the white that his eyes just screaming his face just pure tear like. I'm like a feral child at this point like I am completely useless so so he like fuck it just takes my rope. He just clips it to himself he moves me into basically his lap and he just starts repelling down. Meanwhile I'm shrieking being the entire time he cradled like a baby and you were it was it was kind of adorable. You're like you're like a like a giant baby at that point you're just pound six foot tall baby thank you. I'm glad that that's that's the moment that you we'll Farrell's born fully grown and you're like I S. This is the woman that I have led. I'm so okay. Glad so you finally get down to the ground and you like forgot out a widespread. None of my none of my like nothing works. My hands were clause. My legs. Were just complete jelly. I just fell over. I think I just laid on the ground sobbing. WHO's a scene in Bambi and Bambi tries to walk? The first time falls but except for that. I'm like shaking and then you came over and you gave me a hug and you were really freaked out because we're a ball living Zaidi and that made me freak out even harder and then so then we're just holding each other and crying thing and then I realized that there is a lot of applause. Yeah we had an audience in the swimming hole. There was like eight people watching US including the hostile. This was like their first date. It just been like watching this unfold. Six hundred feet above us and now they're all clapping and cheering for us. Like something heroic can happen. I mean in. Douglas are secondary and there is people up at the top that we're like going NEX had and here's the crazy thing. Is that this. This is supposed to be like five minutes. This is like twenty five minutes and that whole time. That poor couple is up at the top of this cliff if and now they don't have a guide because the guy had to rescue you and then he has to hike all the way back algae covered ropes and they have to. They would to which to be fair they did and and it was fine. You're them probably. It was probably really fun for them. We're probably like at least we're not bad chick. I hope that's like a good like anecdote that they tell their friends back home. The best part was after you would call them down. Yeah so I'm like screaming and crying for a solid hour holding onto Jeremy for dear life and trying to like regain my composure which is gone on forever and so I'm trying to like banter with the guides a little bit. You know to show that like okay. Like I'm the latest person ever blend like the cooling mist person ever and And I'm like so. Does this happen a lot like. Do you have to rescue a lot of people you know like like how often would you say then. He just looks at me and he just sadly shakes shakes his head and he says No. This has never happened so

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