EU pressures Iran to save Nuclear deal


France and Germany ratcheted up pressure on Iran to stop violating its landmark nuclear deal in a last ditch attempt to resolve their differences through talks while also starting a process that could bring back punishing UN sanctions on Tehran. The three European Union countries being pressed on one side by President Donald Trump to abandon the agreement like he did unilaterally in two thousand eighteen and on the other side from Iran to provide had enough economic incentives for them to roll back their violations now. The Europeans have reluctantly triggered the accords dispute mechanism to force Iran into discussions. Starting the clock on a process that could result in the snapback UN and EU sanctions on Iran the three nations specifically avoided threatening the sanctions while emphasizing hopes for a negotiated resolution. They held off on their announcement until tensions between the US and Iran. Oh had come down. So they're intent would not be misinterpreted the accord which Iran signed with the US Britain Germany France China and Russia. In two thousand fifteen has been unraveling since donald trump pulled Washington out in two thousand eighteen and reinstated sanctions designed to cripple the Islamic republic. Lick under what the US cold a maximum pressure campaign. The Europeans felt compelled to act despite objections from Russia and China because every violation of the deal reduces the so-called breakout time Iran needs to produce a nuclear bomb Britain's foreign secretary Dominic Robb told the UK parliament throughout Iran has announced the violations publicly and continued to allow inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency into its facilities his following the US drone strike that kills revolution regards General Qassam Soleimani Iran announced. What it said was its fifth and final step in violating the deal saying it would no longer abide by any limitation to its enrichment activities that left the Europeans with no choice between vote? The Dispute Mechanism Rob told parliament.

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