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Is your podcast asked January Thirteenth Twenty Twenty twelve years ago today. My son Rocco was how about that. I always laugh half about well. It's just a great memory. I have that when my daughter was born roxy was born two thousand four and wouldn't you know it. My wife was was in labor and we had to go to the hospital and she had to deliver the baby because It was fun and it happened to coincide with the famous Yankees. Red Sox game where Derek jeeter makes that play running from shortstop past third base dives into the stands wants to make the catch as Alex. Rodriguez is sitting there with his hands on his head. Saying Oh my God because it was one of the most phenomenal catches. You'll ever see I. I saw that catch except my wife was giving birth roxy while that was happening and the TV was on in the room. It had to be that way. Yankees Red Sox sorry fast forward to Rocco two thousand eight. Wouldn't you know it. She goes into Labor again. We gotta go to cedars-sinai to deliver Rocco and it happens to be the the giants playing the cowboys in a big championship. Game Any You know you gotta make allowances for the guys because every every man the emergency room that they had the TV's on lobby and several of US went into delivery rooms and had the TV's on as well. Although I didn't care much about doc game but still it's whenever. Your hometown is a big playoff game or a big series. You gotta you gotTa keep on each thing priorities. Hey isn't it funny. How just last week I gave doctoroff some shit about him using his talk? Show as a platform. I'm to do really whatever the fuck you want to do. Even if it means an episode where a heart doctor can opine about Harvey Weinstein trump. There's no connection there and if he's run out of medical shit to talk about then you've got to end. The show would not be a novel idea but no agent is way too much syndication money out there to cancel the show. I know the guy was making four million to season back in twenty twelve. God knows what he's up to now. Now guys worth thirty million dollars at least so instead of packing up and going home he stays put and now he steals from real experts other doctors just to keep the gravy train moving the other day he started some bullshit. I'm sure you heard about it about how breakfast is not a meal you need skip. Breakfast was a Hashtag and all that shit of course Mark Ward was one of a number of celebrities who jumped on his ass. Look at the way Walberg Looks I'd say he's onto something Dr. Oz believes an intermittent fasting not eating after seven PM and skipping breakfast altogether believes in Brunch. Of course he does as he's a brunch pussy men. Don't think about Brunch. I know I'm being funny. Any he means eating a late late late breakfast early lunch but the point is whenever I see people doing these elaborate. Water fasts walking around with fucking gallon of spark. Let's just annoys me then. They have to post on facebook instagram. How they feel what they're going through? And how the day a four the cramps stop and then you. I don't WanNa hear it. I don't want to think about your gastrointestinal fucking mock nations. Just do what you gotta do. Keep it private. Hey his novel idea eat light. You know your body's machine right. The right food is fuel. That's all what's so hard to understand. I know why I got more fuel in my body than you do because I keep feeding it too much and there's not enough of a fire out the other end it's just like you know it's not Hard to figure it out someone shoveling coal into the furnace. That would be me shoveling cinnamon toast crunch into my face but you gotta be moving around a lot any moving around around now but as you can tell there have been years where I just was kind of sedentary but don't take breakfast away from me man I get up. I'm hungry. Guess what I'm eating two eggs little mushroom some onion. Maybe some salons show on top from feeling fancy. I don't need toast. Maybe a bacon a piece of Bacon or to it gives lily a piece because she looks like crazy not to share. I'm good to go. And it's hard to argue with Mark Wahlberg because he's a brick shit house. And even he says it's a horseshoe Dr Rosza saying but odd says there's very little if any effect that that that breakfast has on the body on your weight on on your resting metabolic rate on your cholesterol or blood sugar levels. That's because Dr Oz read studies and take from everyone. Why Hey because they gotta fill an hour a day for a TV show and it's hard work an after awhile you start grabbing all sorts of shit it just so you can go on the air every day believe it or not with mysteries and scandals was cancelled thinking? Wow we did most of the scandals out there. There's there's nothing left to do and of course that was bullshit. There were plenty more to do but even I used to joke back then that whenever I was asked why was canceled. I'd say oh you know. Once we started talking about stars having bad menstrual cramps or hangnails. We realized we covered all the interesting scandals. Truth of the matter is we have many more to go but the point is I guess even if there wasn't a scandal involved at e we did do a hundred and sixty or one hundred. I don't know if it's one fifty eight one seventy two but we did a shit ton of shows a lot more episodes than than ninety five percent of your favorite TV shows believe it or not But the beauty by show of course is that you hang around long enough stars drop dead and there's usually some scandal in their past and you can expound on now now now the last twenty years or so many more of come up but okay. I'm on a little bit of a tangent point this yesterday. One of our face a famous butch famous a bunch. which that's that's interesting famous butch through all lesbians out? They want to be famous one of our famous. A bitch listeners found a A Youtube video an an on it is a top doctor who wrote a bestselling book about body types like shape people box shaped people apple shave that Kinda Shit and this guy was contact. The name is Dr Berg. He was contacted by the Dr Oz people and they were gonNA fly him out to the show and a couple of days three days to do a big show on body types and they said can you give us any materials short. This guy is spent ten years doing this stuff so we he spent thirty hours putting together all the stuff he'd have to the deal condensing it onto several pages of script that he folded over the doctor Rosas people so they could see what he's GonNa talk about and they'd briefed Doctor Blah Blah Blah. And he including everything in there. You know Even some jokes he put his asides and about two days later he gets a phone call from the odds. People Hello Hi Dr Brooke. We've decided to go in a different direction with the show. Thank you and if we ever broached this topic again we'll be sure to call you. I think you can kind of see where this is going. They gave him a kiss off a week later. He gets a call from a colleague. Saying Hey dot draws is talking about body types and it's basically the everything you've talked about for ten years Chernoff Dr Oz did a whole show on body types but he used Dr Bergh's Burg's entire script the script. He folded complete with jokes. And stuff like that any hired some other doctor to be like a a mouthpiece next to him so this guy you know I this is what he does and then goes and expound on some points and talks to the audience. I'm basically some of the stuff he expounded on was completely dead wrong from a medical standpoint. And that's what this doctor was more pissed off Abassi. I don't care about I paint on. TV with the point is he's giving people false information so do yourself a favor. Don't watch this asshole and if you mom is doing it you know. And she's sitting on a chair with thorir her little. Maybe a little white wine. Whatever the fuck tell mom? Don't watch this guy. He's a scam. Don't do it another list. I love and listeners. Ask Me Hey could you do something on this. Could you know something about this person. I love that because it gets my my juices flowing so keep doing that. I really appreciate it. I got a woman named Maria Watt Rockwell. WHO's one of our listeners? Man She puts so much stuff on the facebook page. She sends me so many emails about what's happening. What she sees? It's great. I mean when I was a columnist I'd have people calling me all day with with information and tidbits and that's how everything begins. You have no idea. How helpful is I could be sitting on with not much to talk about except the typical let me give you five or six gossip stories that are happening and put my slant on it? My jokes my personality. My attitude and somebody sends you something. Oh Fuck you know what that reminds. Is You know something that happened to me. Twenty years ago five years ago and I put them see. I love doing that. Gets my mind going so keep doing and for that fucking patron. I don't even know his name. I don't care interesting. Why don't like when you talk about family? I don't like to. What does it matter to me? What his grandmother's niece best friend's cousin's house to say I said Acidic guy take a fucking walk? Who Want you here? You don't get the show man you don't get the show anyhow you guys get. It's all talk to you This is what Dr Oz does. So don't watch them any another listener. Oh yeah.

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