Macaulay Cockin - EP 304 - burst 18


At the sign You Know His wife Gabrielle Union. Yeah so stupid. So he was like imagine already trying to figure out your sexuality at this young age but also being black and having all these people coming at you but what I thought was really powerful. What he said was that He's been my son forever forever. And I've watched him grow up and I'm paraphrasing. I've watched him grow up but I'm proud to see who she is becoming and I was like. Wow Wow wow. It was to see Dwayne Wade. One of those. How I it just made me? So happy and proud. He spoke to me was like standing ending by his sons. I don't know what the name is right now. I'm just still calling her Zion until I know the name is but he was like to see who she is becoming. I almost cried so I just stopped. I thought that was really beautiful. Powerful so God bless the way. Gabriel Union I love that I love it Johnson too. I like I like things played out your. Yeah my name

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