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In yesterday's tip from pornography Hindu Burnell called me out for not having featured any tips related to demos on the podcast. He was right and he did something about it by sharing his own tip which was fantastic. I thought I'd continue on the theme and turn this into a bit of a demo weekend and share one of my personal philosophies around on demos and a strategy that used to work really well for me now to be fair. I haven't really done demos the last few years as I've been working in the professional services space but before that when working with Alachua and then in the event technology space as much as possible I did my own Demos Mos- I always wanted to show my prospects that the solution was easy and intuitive enough for the sales guy to us because I always worried that bringing in some technical expert to run the demo just implied that it was difficult or complicated. It also put me in a position to control everything everything. I didn't have to stress so much about having a perfect mind meld with my sales engineer. Who May or may not take people down a path that I thought would be the most relevant what I really WanNa talk about. Though is a process. I developed called the demos discovery. This was driven by the idea that so often Vinh. Your potential new client just wants to see a demo. They WanNa get a sense of the solution. See what it's actually about and make a determination for themselves around around whether or not it might help them solve a particular problem or business issue instead of doing that demo for them. We of course want to do a bunch of discovery. We want to try to understand their needs. Their pain points how much that gap in their business might be costing them all of that so instead of doing what the customer Marwan's we try to force them into a discovery process. That for them is a time commitment that they often can't even tell is going to be worth it or not because we haven't showed them anything it creates friction and really goes against what the customer wants. So I put the two together I.. I built a demo. That was all about give and take and allowed me to run a really good discovery process while also demonstrating the solution and now. I totally get that. This might not even be possible for some solutions but where I did it. Most effectively was in that event technology. Space he's one of the primary things that my future clients wanted to see was a walk through a of the event registration process both the front end and the back end. Fortunately for me the software was easy to use and super customizable so I built a demo event whereas we walked through that registration example example I had embedded all the things I wanted to know some elements. I would have pre filled based on the research in prep had done for the call so at its most most basic have their name email address. Company and title prevailed this. Let me show off some of the marketing capabilities and demonstrate how we could set things up to show things that we already knew about their ten dis. Once they clicked or registration link in an email from there I could talk to. Ah them about the events they ran. How many what type. How complex were they. How many people attended all those kinds of things while they're telling me this. I'm actually chilly capturing the details inside the demo then I could start asking about different functionality. They might need. Would they need to manage hotel. Registrations distractions where they want a mobile APP all those types of details. This is what drove the rest of the demo. I wouldn't show them anything that wasn't relevant if they don't need to worry about hotel registrations why on Earth would I show that to them if they told me. A particular capability was really important. I could go into more depth and also learned from them why that specific capability was so important was done and after using the option to register multiple. Attendees Simultaneously Ashley. If there were multiple people on the call I would show them the confirmation email capabilities here. I was able to send them that email confirmation with with all the details that I had just captured throughout the process. It was the ultimate leave behind. Follow up and it just happened in real time and of course that confirmation email came from my email address and included my contact details. Then as we transitioned into the back end I was able to show them their own data. How it was used. And what else we could do with it. Based on additional discussion around how they were hoping to make use of all this information mation to drive sales deliver better experiences or whatever else was important now. I wanted to give the specifics of this example to make it more real. Oh and show that. This isn't just some theory. Sure had about the perfect product. Her run this demo discovery process inside of. But I've been able to do versions Asians of this with other solutions. The point is this. Try to find ways that you can do your demo earlier turn it into a conversation instead of having a one way discovery conversation where you're trying to get everything you need and then doing a demo where you're providing a one way pitch. Try to combine the two and have a conversation.

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