Trump's 'Home Alone 2' scene cut from Canadian TV


When a very innocuous scene in home alone two it's edited out because of who's in the scene by the way the person at the scene it's done a trump tower which is why he's in there to begin with it's just a business man at that point and the macaulay Culkin's character ask for directions to the bathroom which the future president I'd states down the hall to the left that's it end of appearance down the hall to the left their course macaulay Culkin's character has no idea who that is everybody else watching the movie does because yeah right pretty well known guy but apparently the mainstream media in Canada the CBC Canadian Broadcasting company I thought that that might wake up too many other viewers so they edited out the trunk cameo from the nineteen ninety two movie people watching it were quick to report the mission Hey wait a minute you don't home alone home alone two a Christmas story those movies you seen over in exactly you practically memorized exactly right so it's pretty easy to see what happened here some more outrage that they did it the snow flakes were thrilled that they had done in but for those who are wondering if you don't recall the scene we do have it posted Hey Katie are H. dot com as far as I haven't heard any stories of anybody here editing out the scene in the US it's been on you would think that maybe somebody would object his reference to the left yes yeah hello hold to the lab I used that bat men's room down why what's the matter what exactly which what what's wrong with turning to the right

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