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Player and very like we had out here in Vegas gained all of the players on that team Blake Griffin. All of the young guys coming up and giving me hugs and kisses. And thank you me because you know in that situation just in terms of dollars from Lebron James. He's got an extra one hundred million dollars. Toby gotta one extra one hundred million dollars Lake Griffin got an extra fifty million dollars Kevin Durant who give me a big hug and kiss each got seventy five million dollars extra so the number one dollars and sense that give you an example of what it is because with with four years have yet to wait four years after your high school graduate. You wouldn't lose that kind of capital and you lose that plant on you will lose four entitled number. That will help them get into the hall. Laid on those numbers would be race. And you don't know what happened four years then in College Spencer Haywood Aba Nba Legend and hall of Famer. Hey will always be remembered that the person opened the door for underclassmen college basketball players to leave college early to enter the NBA thereby creating the Spencer Haywood Rule Haywood attended the University of Detroit and help the US Olympic team to a gold medal at the nineteen sixty eight summer games in Mexico City. Nineteen sixty eight. After two years in college he decided to enter the NBA draft citing family financial hardship the NBA however at the time for players entering the draft until four years. After the high school graduation. Hey would then sign with the ABA. Denver rockets play one season leading the league in scoring and rebounding as a rookie since he now had a professional season under his belt he decided to challenge the NBA rule. Once again and signed with the Seattle Supersonics in one thousand nine hundred sixty nine the NBA wasn't having it. Hey will the league all the way to the US or frame court and one on September eleven? Two Thousand Fifteen. He wasn't Tryin Naismith Basketball Hall of fame. I'm John Johansen Junior and welcome to another edition of and Black America on this week's program. Aba An NBA Legend and hall of Famer Semester. Haywood in Black America. Charles Barkley went out on a limb when this stuff was acting when they were acting crazy. And I'm they missed me like the last time of going into the hall of fame and I was like put on the backburner right house. Barclay stepped up and said on. Nuff is enough and did it publicly. He did it every way you said enough is enough now. This is not right and he stood up as a player and he started educating young players. Like do y'all know who is in our presence with Spencer Haywood Blah Blah. And he started talking about. You know there's like three cases that changed the face of force in one dispenser Haywood Heywood versus the NBA. I went to the Supreme Court and then play a young player. Started like Whoa wait a minute. I know him I see him but I never knew that until Charles was the one that should should should be there. And he's my what you call. My advocate advocate is Just to a good person. Just a wonderful person. Spencer Haywood won Olympic gold medal in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight at age nineteen and signed with the Seattle Supersonics two years later after dominating the ABA and a case that went to the US Supreme Court he sued the NBA or rule that prohibited players being draft until the league until they waited for years after graduating from high school. He won that case and nineteen eighty. He won a world championship with the Los Angeles Lakers as a twenty rookie in nineteen sixty nine. Seventy season he led the American Basketball Association both scoring and rebounding and was named the League's Most Valuable Player and rookie of the year. One on April twenty seven nineteen forty nine and silver city Mississippi into a family of Chen Children Hayward grew up in a dying era of American history. His mother picked cotton for two dollars a day and Heywood joined her in the field at the age of five hundred sixty four he moved to Chicago then to Detroit in the motor city. He leads pershing high school to the one thousand nine hundred sixty seven Michigan class. A State Basketball Championship. He went on to a stellar careers at Trinidad State Junior College and the University of Detroit in the summer of nineteen nine hundred sixty eight. He helped the United States to a gold medal at the Olympic Games in Mexico City on September. The eleventh. Two Thousand Fifteen. Hey what was inducted into Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of fame? My first reaction was You know is this fact in. Is this true because I had had Three falls a long before that because most reporters and most people who look at numbers and they at by numbers as a player and that this guy was. Mvp of the ABA averaging thirty and twenty five years with the Seattle Supersonics average in twenty six and thirteen and Olympic record holder and all of these different categories and as still as leading score and also was the outstanding college player of the year. So they look at all these things and they just assume that everybody thought again. Then you know also I went to the Supreme Court to fight he would versus the NBA to pave the way for Lebron's Michael Jordan magic. All of them they come through what is called. I the NBA. They call it early entry and now. I think it should be called what it is to Spencer. Haywood because they have the Larry Bird rule and they have Oscar Robertson. Rule regrettably Oscar but I know they promote birds and Larry Bird's modified version of my role. Larry Bird came in on a dispenser. It will but anyway so for years we thought this would happen and then there was a couple of false alarms that it did happen. So I was kidding around with John Deliver with the The Chairman and CEO. The hall and he was mentioning. You know. Well I probably spend Kareem. Rise is always the top. Yeah I said well. What does that got to do with with Kareem abdul-jabbar? My my blonde jokes Right so so Yeah it was. It was delighted. Mandic to get the call and to finally get to call it. Finally get it in but you know my mother used to sing this whole Psalm Lord and may not come when you want and buddies right on time. And that's my Jackson right so you know if it had to happen any other time. I think it would have been not as powerful as it is today and It was right on time. And it's on God's time so I'm very grateful and very humble Vita journey understand so once. You heard that you were going to be inducted. Walk us through that period from the time that you got to call to the induction ceremony that took place last Friday. September the eleventh. What all the activities have you been involved with. Well I've been all over the country Speaking and people wanting to know this story because it's a unique story and it is basketball history but yeah you know it hasn't been told so It's a new newfound appreciation for Spencer. Haywood so players have been embracing me like only at USA basketball here. In Las Vegas Games all the players on that team Blake Griffin. All of the young guys coming up and giving me hugs and kisses and thanking me. Because you know that situation just in terms of dollars and cents per Lebron James. He's got an extra one hundred million dollars. Coby got a one extra one hundred million dollars but griffin got extra fifty million dollars Kevin Durant who give me a big hug. 'cause he's got seventy five million dollars extra so that's the numbers in dollars and sense that. I give you an example of what it is because with with four years. If you have to wait for years after your high school classic graduate you would lose that kind of capital and you'll lose that plan time loser scoring titles you'll lose numbers that will help them get into the hall. Later on those numbers would be raced. And you don't know what's going to happen in four years in college. You could get hurt. A lot of things could happen so they fully appreciating news. So it's a good feeling because of forty four years more to this to happen so it is It is right on time on God. Signed so and then I went to I've been doing a lot of golf. Tournaments or charitable events and also just playing a lot and I spend a Lotta time with my family. My daughters and in fact I gotTA leave Again next week my next two oldest daughters having our first grand and So I gotta go in go through the process with her and It is it is a spectacular time and I also sit back John and and think about the times we were sitting in your dad's barber shop. They all sunset and this and just Nevada in Detroit for people who don't know right in Detroit Michigan and John Fathers where we congregate And and and and do our conversation and get a nice. Yeah because he didn't allow us to walk around. I hair off falling away years and stuff. So that's right. Yeah you know that's right So we would sit there and listen and talk and just pass the ball sports but all so I've been reflecting on Detroit. I went over to my neighborhood yesterday. day before yesterday and spent some time over there. Thursday and looking around and just just hearing up. Because done you know the story you know. When I came up from Mississippi I had no place to say I had no family there and James and either bill took in and adopted me along with my coach. Will Robinson and then we had waned diet. Dr Wayne die of your your own zone by Diet. Right Do all of my academics bring me up to snuff there. Oh my God it was just A. It's just a lot of love was having an and I see in Detroit and it's always been that way you know. They've always reached out and help each

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