Is Homefield Advantage Dead?


WANNA start here eight and I think this allows us to get in week fifteen you mailed me some stats last week And now we saw again today. Road teams were nine and six against the spread. The road teams won all nine of those games outright for the season road teams against the spread. One twenty five ninety three three and five there thirty two games over five hundred while home favorites Through fifteen weeks or fifty seven eighty one in five twenty four games. That's amazing right there. And we have had over and over again these double digit losses. We just had it today again with San Francisco cousin. Sal I ask you this homefield advantage dead. It might be there might be. I think you said you said it in basketball you were saying was dead. It's funny yesterday on text exchange. But yeah if you're looking through your pools and you have to pick sixteen games a week if there are no bison. You're going six and ten every week it's because you're taking home favorites. I know I know it's hard hard. I know when the better team is laying six at home. It's hard to not circle the left side but stay away. It's very bizarre an extremely bizarre week. The raiders was ending that Falcons ending the Vikings first half cost people money the way that ended obviously the Redskins Eagles. That might have been the worst ending if you had if you had the redskins the plus points Or if you're going against Cooper cop in your honesty semi funky you hold. That thought we were talking about that. I think what's interesting to me. I I remember I wrote about this at the end of last decade ironic. I think Oh eight zero nine I wrote about this trend with with the NFL where it didn't see my homefield matter the way it did and then we had settled into this eight nine year run. We're homefield still mattered. But not like a date when we were growing up where it was like. If you went into somebody else's house also really hard to win and then you get to this year and I think we're seeing it with basketball to serves texting boat this weekend. I think there's three reasons I think the first reason is the secondary market. And the fact that you just don't have stadiums anymore words just completely fans for the home team yet so it it always seems to be more splintered than it used to be. The tickets have gotten way more expensive so I think that's that's Priced out some of the crazies. You know like some of the friends wrens. You had grown up some of the friends that I had back in Boston. It's just harder for them to for tickets and then I think the third thing. There's been so much talk about civility ability at games and you know fan behaviors. Just been a huge spotlight on how people behave and what they're allowed to do and yell. Oh and all that stuff and the crowds just seem Tamer and we saw today with the raiders. Blew a game late to Jacksonville Euro and this was the last I Oklahoma Game. It was on those on that. They're not gonNA lose their last home game and frigging g Menchu when right down the field out and then we saw it again today with Buffalo. It's like Ow Josh. Challenge when push comes to Shove Jiaxuan is not GonNa be able to get points in Pittsburgh. The crowd will take him out of it their defense no Josh Allen right down and scored. I don't know who has the great home field advantage anymore. So we'll Josh Allen didn't have a great game no thirteen completions. That was just an. I'm sorry I Pittsburgh Burke might still make the playoffs and I pray that they do because I have. They're the only team I could see betting against in that first round like I have a feeling on any other first round match unless Pittsburgh goes to Kansas City. I mean they've they've got in the last five games in which the supposedly hot they scored fifteen points a game. It's just Mike. Tomlin did as much much as he could. He can't do what you can do for this offense. You can't fake punt from his own twenty eight every week. I'm sorry but I think you're right. I think it's all the things you said. I also I think. Road teams coaches management has figured out the exact amount of time a team should spend in the opposing city. You know it's easier to travel now all that kind of stuff so there's not that much The jet lag isn't as big a concern. But you're right. We used to see division winners at seven and one eight eight. No now aside unless you like the packers this cowboys eagles four and three Kansas City foreign three at home like even the really good teams. You know Houston only five and two at home. Buffalo's GonNa make the playoffs only four and three at home i. I don't know what the reason is but trust us. These home teams are not. They're not better than they were five ten years ago. Yeah and I think that Tennessee Games are good example right. Yep didn't really seem like it mattered. Where that game was played and I don't think it's GonNa Matter Week? Seventeen either right now. The crowd was was good. They were into it but it wasn't like wasn't like the Shawn Watson was going to be affected by the crowd. We left out another reason that I think matters maybe Charles back to our childhoods. But you know the headsets the head facing the helmets and the and the QB being able to hear the offensive coordinator being able to move faster and the the even somebody like trubisky you know they were in that game that I know the packers won by eight. And if he didn't see the game you just assume The packers they were up double digit second half but the bears were lingering in that game and there were a couple of moments era when it seemed like they had a chance maybe to force overtime and I didn't think h Bisky who I don't think is good then look scared but he. He certainly wasn't rattled by playing in Lambo. So I stopped when when you know the we've been doing million dollar pegs you and I have been. We've been betting all season. I've really stopped looking at home field. They're very very few times. Do I say to myself. Oh my God that teams home. I really really love having the home team here even even tonight I bet on Buffalo. Hello at Pittsburgh. And as you said Josh Allen wasn't great but they were still able to move the ball and they needed to and their defense certainly traveled. It didn't seem to matter to them where they were playing. And I just think we throw homefield out. I don't know where it really matters anymore. Well if we go into the playoffs saying I just can't see so and so winning at ax EXC. There's not that many of those anymore right right. Then probably win their game at home and you know the niners or or or award seahawks over wax or they'll have a by but you know those some of those row teams near Green Bay will probably win at home but you can't say unless it's dot co dot com is going to Kansas City. I can't really say Buffalo. There's no way they're winning in Houston right or anything like that especially when you get to the one to three seeds when they match up so do you think is Seattle place that you feel like homefield battered team in the playoffs That's probably top three but not as much Chisato did eight years ago when Tony Romo had to go there or something like that. I don't think it's slow because think about what are they foreign to Yeah about about their last couple of games whether seven and one on the road I mean it is scary arose team right there. Last couple of games Minnesota went in there and put thirty autumn atom. Yep and then the game before that James Put thirty four on them in that game went to overtime I don't know I I wanted to start. The season isn't yeah. It's not the

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