Say it if you don't want to say


This spirit the wrong spirit for a lot of these churches god to move you you you have to be yeah I get ready you have to mobile so I'm saying this today because in church is largely responsible largely responsible if you if you don't do it right it it won't come out right so what what we have today yes people are minimizing the hearing the in the name of Jesus at the faith that they have a different kind of view order but the truth of the Bible itself said and they come up with something else that it doesn't meet so what does that do that lowers the standard and here come soon so here come brought this on so here come deacon so on so from somewhere and all this kind of thing because they want to be something here in the church only god can do that how did satisfied if I thought what didn't he didn't call me into the ministry and all this kind need to be Jesus I was thankful that he saved me from going to that bad place yeah the drive god you're good god drive you you mean I want to do much of anything because most time should not hard even you somebody like that this service isn't the ease and lately there's a lot of things that they had the scenery

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