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Get right to the post and start optimizing your life sir. I'm financially independent now. What by Chris Rining of Chris RINING DOT COM? Today's question comes. From David. He asks quote. I happened upon your site today and engaged in some Sunday morning. Binge reading very much enjoyed reading your articles and appreciate your efforts to help others and transform their lives in reading through the questions that have been posed to you. I noticed that most of the questions concern ways to save and invest of course amassing sufficient resources. Resources is a necessary. Step too early retirement but it doesn't address the harder at least me question of who wants to be nor of what one wants to accomplish in in retirement. I've been fortunate to have a successful career. As an attorney for the past sixteen years between a healthy income and a lifelong habit of saving. I can retire now at is still pretty. Youthful forty one. If I were to choose to do so while I enjoy the intellectual aspects of my job and the relationships that I have with many of my colleagues I find myself considering the same and thought that you mentioned that is there must be something more to life than doing this day. In and day out I would also enjoy reducing the stress and anxiety in my life that comes from my work. All of that said I'm not quite sure who I would be separate from my profession. My question for you is. What process did you go through to consider how you wanted to spend your life post employment point? I would imagine that it is a continuing process for you and others but I'm interested in how you approach the issue and quote like I always say early. Retirement has has nothing to do with doing nothing. It's about gaining control over your time. Time is your most valuable resource like mark. Cuban says quote. You can't buy it you can't find it you can't store it you can't trade it and quote and that's why people want to become financially independent. They realized that every day their life is getting shorter and wasting a single minute. Doing things they don't want to do is a waste of life. I was friends with an executive and he told me that he hated his job. And didn't WanNa keep doing what he was doing and then he said this. Is it it for me. Meaning he was going to keep doing what he hated for the rest of his life because he wasn't willing to give anything up which is typical for guys in their forties. They're working some high pay a high stress job thinking superficial things will make them happy measuring themselves against other people. I know because that's what I was doing. In my twenties I bought a BMW. A two hundred under thousand dollar CONDO and started flying smaller planes. If you never stop and think about any of this how you're living then you're destined to spend your life filling it with more stuff trying being to impress other people instead you can have a more meaningful life by filling it with stuff. That's important to you. That's the question you need to be asking yourself. What's important to me and if you ask people this question most of them will say things like freedom and flexibility great? But that doesn't mean anything you have to dig deeper so freedom becomes time and time turns into the question. What would I do with it? My answer one work on what. I'm passionate about to challenge myself. Alf continued to grow and three heaven impact on the greatest amount of people. Yeah pretty simple. And now whenever you're faced with some major life decision like quitting a fifteen eighteen year career. It's these little rules that help guide you. This is how to start optimizing your life for meaning and significance to stop measuring yourself against other people and start measuring yourself self against what's important to you. It's how to wake up. People would kill to be in your financial situation because people are always telling me that they want to be doing anything other than going to work. I mean seventy percent of workers hate their jobs. They're telling me if they were financially independent. They'd spend their time watching their kids. Grow up doing more meaningful work or taking a risk. Ask to try something new. The reason you haven't quit yet is because you're attached to work the nine to five routine the relationships with co workers your identity as an attorney. It's it's a dependency. Quitting means taking a big step from the known to the unknown. It means making yourself uncomfortable but you change and grow the most by making yourself. The the most uncomfortable and the best part of quitting is when people ask you what you do for a living. Someone asked me this the other day. Nothing really know like what do you do for work. This is always a hard question to answer because our ridiculous. Does it sound saying you retired in your thirties or forties. But it's true you no longer have to work for money. So I'm spending my time reading writing and thinking working out doing yoga meditating life slows way down and if you think having this level of freedom and control all over your time we'll make you happier or that. Your time is better. Spent some other way because you figure out what's important to you then quit. It'll be the greatest gift you ever gave yourself. And the worst I possible outcome

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