Iran expert: U.S. airstrike was 'stunningly stupid and counterproductive'


Amid rising tensions and uncertainty as to what will happen next after the U. S. killed an Iranian general there's growing fear that some sort of retaliation could be happening against the US comes call Miller reports many experts believe it could come in the form of a cyber attack on a convoy up in flames and in the daylight the aftermath of that deadly airstrike ordered by president trump in Baghdad top Iranian military official Qasem Soleimani killed in that blast thousands taking to the streets in Tehran to mourn him I am concerned that Iran will have to respond in some way ray shot cassava leads the Jackson school of International Studies at you job and I don't expect them to go out really retaliate in a major way Deadpool lead to an all out war because that's something that the Iran can't win but something they are good at he says is carrying out widespread attacks using technology attacks that could cause real how the heck do you do have other capabilities including cyber for using proxies in different parts of the Middle East going after American civilians and companies if you call system already in business is the owner of a radiant grocery store tells me that many people in the community are afraid to speak out at all about what's going on right now in the

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