They may be triggered by marijuana but the poem feed is really not


H. C. which is then president all marijuana over the course of time there used to be in way back when very potent marijuana and not supporting very well marijuana today there's also very potent marijuana and not to put marijuana there's concern that a lot of the marijuana be made available today is more potent there's just more of a presence of of that higher quality marijuana than there used to be but ultimately we're not seeing any actual evidence that THC itself because these types of mental health conditions rather what we're seeing is that in people with underlying mental health conditions or people who are predisposed to mental health conditions they they may be triggered by marijuana but the poem feed is really not relevant here I mean there's not really any way for any of these studies to determine what potency of marijuana the people that use with any any drug legal illegal you name it doe it all drugs have side effects are dose dependent the more you take of something more likely something bad may happen to you when people buy legalized we'd now do they know for sure what the potency is how do you know well then they know more now when they're in a regulated system than they ever did before I mean for decades people bought marijuana that came in a plastic baggie

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