How many calories to burn and eat for weight loss, here’s the right answer


Eating less and moving more doesn't have side effects he told yeah right and I need a quote on the board so the problem is when people are like I love it it's working for me because they don't understand right they're not understanding how it's taxing their level to do this they're not understanding how packing their thyroid how it's affecting their brain chemistry in their mood they're not understanding that these kind of guys that are extremely high in iron and saturated fat shortened lifespan they create more free radical damage which is oxidative stress early age here faster V. shorten your telomeres which is a little strand cap on the end of your DNA at makes salary did pay and literally your cells macromolecules are made up of protein fat carbohydrates and you quit gasket so when we're depriving the body of carbohydrates long term we're creating a PH balance in the body that is more acidic not to be confused with something called keto acidosis which is deadly but when you think about you don't think this way I don't like when you remove your nail Polish that's that's a pizza so our bodies making more the stuff it's changing the PH balance an hour that'll don't function as well in a very acidic environment and that is the gift of the iceberg yeah and so when people say like you don't know that you're just a fitness experts think I have written eight best selling book you think I write them a lot your walk they're always written with the appropriate doctors according to the subject matter there heavily researched and I don't make any money I don't have any agenda telling you Hey this is dangerous I can't eat less move more shows yeah like I I don't have an agenda I'm just warning it is a very dangerous thing to do for an extended period of time if you tried it for thirty days and you did but on the plant based all organic and stopped after that I would say okay that is the absolute limit on it but really honest to god the it will be a little less use common sense you're free choices move a little more and you'll get fantastic results you don't have to do right I mean any name was sugar you're not a big sugar Ivan can obviously if you are not over eating right then you don't have to worry about it so of course they don't love people doing processed white sugar it's it's terrible for you we just did it however let's say were eating eighteen hundred calories a day and we're going all right of these eighteen hundred I'm gonna make eighty percent better choices you know I mean I have the friggin aid why the whole grain toast for breakfast I'm gonna happen exactly not bad for you name it yeah I mean I have your word and very soon yeah I mean you make the better choice eighty percent of the time and the twenty percent of the time like I can have because I'm gonna have to go out anyway yeah and is longer you working in few your calorie allowance for the day how much you can eat with our game right so you basically if you're trying to maintain your weight you eat as much as you burn it's sort of like balancing exasperating but how do I know how much you should burn everyone is different well here's a great guy for you everyone can go on the internet networks did Google B. M. R. calculator that's legal metabolic rate and you can enter some basic information your age your height your gender your weight and this is going to give you a number right but it's going to be rough it's not perfect but it's it's pretty darn I use ready accurately with thousands of people or tech so why don't they do so they go to Google and they put in B. M. our calculator and they're gonna enter some very basic information it'll say like your age your gender your height your weight how much and it's going to spread out a number right so let's say mine thirteen hundred now that number is how many calories Lightbody birth involuntary bodily functions over the course of the day meaning if I just sat on the couch that's what you got rid of you got it exactly now we don't work we do nothing all day long so we're gonna pick an activity level I'm gonna give you for activity levels right level one you sit at a desk all day long you're very sedentary level two let's say you work as a car sales person and you're on your feet a little bit you're standing or walking around a bit you're you're not totally sedentary you're not overwhelmingly active that's the issue level three you are a fitness trainer you're very physical you know you're doubling exercises are hosting weight level for your construction worker you're extremely physical right now we're not we're not counting exercise right now right does your life your level right so I personally would be a three so it might be the metabolic rate is thirteen hundred and I am a level three I'm gonna take a one and a decimal point and put it before my level of this get re one point three if you're too with one point and you multiply that your your PMR number to my number would be thirteen hundred one point three and that's going to give me a darn accurate number and how many calories I. burn a day without fitness so I'm right around sixteen hundred and which is a lot hi Mary this way it was small private fiber calories well you're looking at if you look at it that way yeah you got a look at it that way right so it I like to use money is an example of money earning six hundred sixteen hundred and thirty caps you can earn fifty calories whatever I don't get to spend more than that I don't get the more than that stored as fat so now we're just gets a little tricky right how little kind of person he so if you're like whoa holy cow more eating thirteen hundred which isn't that much food enable the burning sixteen hundred if you need to lose thirty five hundred calories he got a burden thirty five hundred dollars more than you consume to lose one pound it'll take you like ten eleven days to move out and this is where people get really discouraged but what they're not understanding is eight there are no longer going to be there not even standing still it's still lonely rolling back but in order to move this thing this ball down the field at a decent clip you got it because that is going to take my sixteen hundred miss sixty number right and if you have to show me that twenty two twenty three hundred if I do you good thirty to forty minutes in the gym that day so not where people died they they try the diet without the fitness they count the calories they're so hungry the scale not budging it's not budging and they get super frustrated they start looking to god then they start to give up any creed it's really bad pattern or your yo yo dieting because you're messing with your metabolism and that is the key the key is figure out what your active metabolic rate is you know like what your allowance and he asked don't eat over that your under absolutely do not eat under twelve hundred calories if if you're trying to lose weight just don't you'll screw up your metabolism that the hungry you'll be miserable that is the absolute for with unlimited greens and then you can get many of those and not worry about counting calories green veggies and then if you want the way you could come up faster find a little more often that is the key to weight loss I'm talking to Jillian Michaels who's got this app called my fitness and you can get it on her website Jillian Michaels dot com or any of the apple or Google play app stores you can put it on your iPad your iPhone your apple

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