Justin Fields, No. 1 Ohio State Come Back, Beat Wisconsin for 2019 Big Ten Title


Now Ohio state Wisconsin big ten championship game Wisconsin up twenty one separate the happen in the second half it was all a higher state Justin feel possible blitz being shown by the badgers feel to the ball back to throw looking left looking middle of the field fires middle feeling it's caught at the five and dancing into the end zone goes all higher stakes were stable que que all on a sixteen yard as he weaved his way through the badger defense and Ohio state has their first lead of the night twenty three twenty one Justin feels threw three touchdown passes in the second half JK Dobbins ran for a hundred seventy two yards and a score number to a higher speed feel this first playoff triggered three years by shelling out number ten Wisconsin in the second half in a thirty four twenty one victory Saturday night in the big ten championship game the Buckeyes going their third straight league title and enter the post season with a nineteen game winning streak Ohio state's Cajun hill court seven passes for eighty three yards and two scores becoming the first because the Buckeyes career leader in receptions he pays David Boston out that for name one hundred ninety one K. J. hill now hundred if I've also should be noted in this game how about the one handed grab by tight end Jerramy rocker all believe will Graham in the reason I bring up record I'm a Homer Jeremy Rucker grow up about six blocks from where I grew up that's how close right across the creek there Lynn and her small town of west Babylon right there could throw a rock the jet to Jerry records house plays basketball the summer the same Jim I am on the elliptical on constantly should see this dude danke when he was a high school swim Duncan so see make a wanted to catch the big ten championship game not shocking I mean a least he was fifteen years old Duncan over people's heads at an LA fitness that I go to on Long Island so really cool Long Island moments all the more reason for me seen Jeremy Rucker do what he did in a big ten championship game and good for Ohio state they win thirty four twenty one to come back but again that is your campus crush and as I point out throughout the show you down twenty one seven like that knowing what just happened where Ellis you dismantle the number fourteen the committee's eyes Ohio state had to come out with more fire more passion now has the need to win this game fifty two to fourteen and never sweat and they were swept in the first half they did not and because of that it was you should and I believe will be the number one team in the college football playoff rankings come out we are closing in on eight hours until we see those rankings approximately and I believe Ellis you will be the number one team in the

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