How Jeep landed Bill Murray for its 'Groundhog Day' Super Bowl ad


Three I know we talked a lot about the Superbowl today but we're Americans and that's what we do USA today since the beginning of the I'm I'm I don't know when they started this was going to say since the beginning of the Superbowl but that's not true Larry pickerel is in our studio how long has the USA today done their ad meter do you know they're still at least the late eighties yeah it seems to me like as long as we've been talking about Superbowl commercials right Larry pickerel is back in our studio he's the founder and creative director of calm the music now he is in the business of producing commercials Super Bowl commercials among them he told us last Friday that he was the guy that was involved in the production of that famous Michael Jordan Larry Bird dad to be clear it's the music production whatever yeah well actually the sound and the music that which you do rise instrumental part of it right with excel well I do too listen you're on a radio station right now right so your daughter is also in the business class she's a had a production of high dive which is a Chicago based company that produced two of the top five on the USA ad meter commercials last night the rocket mortgage Jason Momoa was number five which we do the music for and the number one jeep groundhog day with Bill Murray spot let's walk through that number one spot first so if you didn't see it this is a commercial for jeep it's a parody of groundhog day where every day Bill Murray wakes up in the same day and he can't get out of it so here is the beginning of the ad

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