Study warns spotted lanternfly is costing Pennsylvania's economy millions of dollars, hundreds of jobs


A new study warning that Pennsylvania's economy is is taking taking a a hit hit all all be be because because of of the the spotted spotted lantern lantern flight flight they they might might abuse abuse mark mark Abrams Abrams pence pence a a professor professor of of agricultural agricultural economics economics Jason Jason Harper says the study his group prepared is the first to examine the economic impact of this by the later flight on agriculture and forestry Harper says the invasive past is because the state's economy some fifty million dollars annually and hundreds of lost jobs he says most of the damage has been caused in the fourteen county quarantine zone in the southeastern part of the state with the bugs have feasted on grapes and vineyards just about every state in the country has won groups now because it's seen as an agritourism draw and that's certainly what we sing with the grape industry in southeastern Pennsylvania is a very important part of our agritourism Harper says it's not just the grapes tree fruits and in particular maybe peaches could be affected Harper says the nursery industry also is suffering they've got a inspect all these plants they are losing market because you know other states don't want them to be a moving nursery stock purposes researchers are making progress in the fight against the bugs but his study warns if they spread statewide the impact could cost the economy hundreds of millions of dollars and thousands of jobs Marc Abrams KYW newsradio

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