US soldier, contractors killed in al-Shabab attack on Kenya base


Al Shabaab extremists overran a key military base used by. US counter terror forces in Kenya before dawn on Sunday killing killing three American Department of Defense personnel and destroying several US aircraft and vehicles before they were repelled. US and Kenyan authorities said the attack on the Mandalay Bay airfield was the al Qaeda linked groups. I attack against U. S. forces in the east African country and the military called the security security situation fluid several hours after the assault. Five attackers were killed. A Kenyan military spokesman said al-shabaab based in neighboring in Somalia claims responsibility for the assault one. US servicemen and to contract is with the US Department of Defense were killed in the fighting according according to a statement issued late on Sunday by the US. Africa Command Mandalay. Bay Airfield is utilized by. US forces whose missions include providing training meaning to African partners responding to crises and protecting US interests in these strategically important area.

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