Committee members continue grilling witnesses on impeachment


A busy day in Washington the house impeachment hearings continuing this hour on Capitol Hill lawmakers from both parties presenting evidence for and against the possible impeachment of president trump more now in this ABC news special report the house Judiciary Committee impeachment hearing democratic Attorney General Goldman not telling Republican Doug Collins who ordered release of phone records showing calls between the Intel committee ranking Republican the president's personal lawyer and a conservative journalists is not in the league the information what is your included in a report that's not a leaks are adding or even go on record in front of everybody here today and say that you will not fail who ordered it you are Mr gold Mr going you or Mr Shipp I am going to go on record and tell you that I'm not going to reveal how we conducted this investigation and that's the problem we have this entire thing Mr Schiff said buying clothes I can tell you what that means is I'm done with the front now A. B. C.'s merry Bruce at the capitol I think question near still remains what's the scope of these charges against the president we know that Democrats will likely charge the president on abuse of power on obstruction possibly on primary the question of course remains will they brought in that beyond the Ukraine issue to also include obstruction of the mall or

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