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Podcast that would definitely put a bullet in in both of james bond's knees if it would spare me any more of those films that that's just a hello pod i'm helen o'hara and i'm standing in for chris hughes who is off on donate top secret mission this week it could not be more secret you would need double oak clearance just before we could say anything about it it's okay so don't even ask us what he's doing tonight normally i'd i'd give this away for i told chris i wouldn't and my word is my bond so so good that way james james they told you that i'm three years older than twenty five oh you yes right now it is awesome my bond good five interesting anyway as you've heard increases stead joined by two colleagues of such lethal cutting first up we have the world's biggest farscape fan which is really not a competitive category but he is a leading expert on space muppets it's james dire dire james dyer you look like like you're wearing some kind of stuff lee uniform today does this i'm quite ta i'm getting into my sort of picard grooves lest we forget there's only a month and a bit to go before picard does land so i think it's stuffy uniforms every day jobs is wearing a a very nice as charcoal colored jumper with a mustard stripe keep dying each sleeve and around the neck yes is the classic security color helen yes myself as the wolf of this particular ICU also is the fourth of particular vote cuss thus foist saying no more about that i with him as you've heard is a young whippersnapper he makes us all feel very old the terrifying representative of generation z. who lowers the average age in in this room to a mere sixty four it's great to have you here ben travis yo yo what's up y'all the kids is that what the kids are saying these days speaking of things the kids say i'm going to present this largely without context that one of the sub editors to raise the suburbs is read the pages in the magazine to check for a rotter and and spelling mistakes and things like that and one of them came up to me based on a trailer talk that we did and said to me can you tell me what is thick with to seize main which followed one of the most excruciating hilarious conversations of my freshman career was able to explain it i mean i did my best thing with the aid of a pitcher of naked tunnel that's all i'm saying oh now i was gonna say the first thing you said was don't google it do not ogle thick that's wise words for all of us think as we go into this holiday season don't google thing especially on the work wifi oh oh yeah i mean in our work wi fi wouldn't matter like everything goes here but generally is it's not a good look should we have a question sure okay me with your question chris chris said last week we were trying to stick with christmas themed questions for the whole month of december because everything else in the world is too depressing and we can't deal with it and we're very ourselves in christmas this this week's question comes from uncast pets u. n. underscore casts a s. e. underscore tet heels it goes by tammy and he or she asks is probably she if you could choose one movie family to share christmas lunch with who would it be and the reagans from blue bloods don't count i'm pretty sure that last bit was aimed at chris rhys-jones film with us good points yesterday qualifies so dreadful but yeah maybe family who you would like to share christmas lunch with breath well when it comes to generally movie parents the ones that always out familiar stanley tucci and participants clocks and easy it's just the coolest chilliest chilliest parents in movie i think they put in a great spread that have like a pretty nice relaxed christmas day but that'd be very very interested in making sure so you have really good christmas but not an overbearing way like they'd just be super cool about it and most convenient flakes her between them so much and yeah ABC actually good example simple and they probably have some of these kids like set you up with or you know like move your career forward in some way they just feel like they'd be the kind of people who could give life advice and just sort of sort you out generally early and you'd be in that fabulous california wherever it was it looks identity kenny why it looks really nice i think that'd be a good cold flu pocketful of sunshine total pocketful of sunshine and i got i got sunshine being whatever it is you're being happy not sure say i i was thinking the same thing and i'll tell you why because last night i made the mistake of watching one of the net flicks christmas movies now they're all mistake this one was it's called christmas with review it's unbelievably dreadful even by the standards of the genre and i really want to make that clear you might think it can't be that bad it absolutely can an and so to kind of put on a pallet cleanser afterwards i actually put on julian julia and then skipped all the julie scenes so it was just julius pule merrill vision vision pure pure pure streep pure tucci just watch that so that would be my other unser i was thinking basically sunny tucci has to be involved somehow but my thought that is that's my other go to because then you julia child cooking christmas dinner for you know just julie charles burton meryl streep's julius streep's can you imagine how much it's fun that would be that would be amazing you probably get some songs in there as well i'll bet you would some abba mostly abbott for me christmas abba and food and no no no no no no no no you know full well you've been banned from playing in the office i come play who had james or knicker knicker in the office and then when they leave it's nonstop appa gold maybe abba more goals for someone who was born like at least four or five decades after abreu died and how how you are so obsessed with this that just that just good songs that just hit the there's no trying to explain abba gold it just is what it is almost literally beyond yesterday hey i can see how much it pains you to make that job he was real giveth and taketh away situation to answer this question who would choose i'd call i would i would relish the chance to have any male really not necessarily crisp with these stratford from ten things i hate about you need to get a kind of you know a lecture from the dad i think that would be great for failing now i think christmas with the corleones would be quite quite fun man who doesn't spend time with that family can never be a real man is not quote goes more or less okay i mean the food would be great the food be speaking of oh i'm sorry i'm coming back to the canal you know but i'm i'm i'm finding just the exact halfway point between the corleones and easy a right which is big nights stanley tucci and i think tony shillue if memory serves right as brothers who've run in his hallion in restaurant and they have to make this incredible huge discount was tom panel or something which is just enormous in his layers of everything from like boiled eggs to past the to meet to everything it just incredible it's about the size of football field and they make it in this restaurant like impress important people and it looks the most amazing food food ever that family yes christmas dinner bracingly just want someone to cook for you in really impressive way which i guess i didn't do something to cook christmas dinner for me yeah but like a good cook like a not like a big fancy cook really just just a generally great piece of food so good in terms of with my actual christmas plans it'll be a horrible family spend christmas with but i'm spending my christmas with the skywalker family can you imagine the drama if there was like a skywalker christmas family reunion union now it would just be awful amick force-feeding you apples using the force and you'd be like get off and there'd be sand everywhere for some going to be sounding and everything it just be awful it'd be awful and then you probably get like a roast met at one of those inflatable space cows and it would just honestly it will be the worst and solo be soaking in a corner can you didn't get the presence thirty one he wanted even if he did he would have decided they weren't on the other hand you might get to hang out with layer and so that alone would be enough come on looking laya SF especially for salty old luke and general leia that would be using in the like shit chat would be imagine rajin the amount of t that would be spilled speaking you couldn't even turn up he just full project into the dinner i can you e you've touched your food you'd i mean it just means there's more entertainment and more food i don't see a downside he'd be like green milk from a muggle something he he can do that and i will have the food you see and then you realize oh god it's a poll roasted pork roasted walk wow i wanted to be string apparently they are on the menu in some star wars yes yes ira reading this isn't expanding universe they they are a delicacy cosc- in some of the people do frick eighty walk this is the thing which is horrific apparently the you know the emperor decided you know we'll we're we're killing a bunch of them anyway fucking working fair game they were going to eat on luke some say you know fine turnabouts fairplay but maybe they've learned you know maybe it's like scalping in the in the american african south like that was picked up from the europeans not vice versa maybe they picked up cannibalism that was a proper i think you'll find segue themes of colonialism install will it never far away are they all right well christmas breathing hard to say i don't know have we answered that i think big night might be my answer i think i might go with that i'm sticking with easy really christmas with mcclain's mr mcclellan cannot believe it took you five minutes i know well there's i've been lost talk of kristen my gruber impressions onto this week though i had to at least drop in a little mrs maclennan yeah yeah did you have to yes okay yes i did all right well i think that's that question answered if you'd like your question right on on the emperor concentrated with the same incisive intelligence elegance debate then dude office aligned we're on twitter at empire magazine's the hashtag import custer we won't see it podcast at what am parlin dot com if.

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