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Golden Globe Nominations: Netflix Leads — In Both Movies And Television


Golden globe nominations came out of this morning so that's going to error the seventy seven golden globes will air on January fifth the Beverly Hilton hotel with Ricky Jr vase is the host the seventy seventh annual golden globe awards it's always it's always a fun time because the actors everybody very very relaxed that might be one way to say it they're very relaxed well a lot of them appear to be have snapped in old sold now Matt Roush is on the line Matt good morning how are you pretty good how you doing good to have this chance to chat with you John Heinz in for Dave Lee here and golden globe nominations coming out here and and we're learning more and more about this a couple of my favorites made the cut including Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin for the Kaminski method which is just a I just I just that is a a marvelous marvelous shell yeah and they really do love it it didn't get quite as much love by the Emmys and all but yeah it did well for them last year at the golden globes I think Michael Douglas one and maybe Alan Arkin dead but aunts and sort of the show so that was good so good showing from them although I do think when it comes down to it what's probably going to win the big prizes this year because of the show this what the Emmys last year is Amazon's flea bag starring Phoebe Waller bridge and she's a real rising star in the show was so traffic is only six episodes for to see them then and still that so made a big impact and it's what the critics awards as well so yeah and then the marvelous with this Maisel as well the the Amazon show that the just dropped last weekend and and so people are Startin side are just now binging a probably but that one does very well at the awards to be yes and the the Kaminski method is a favorite of the golden globes and the golden globes do love shows that have sort of really starry cast on them like Michael Douglas coming back to television and that was a really big deal so another another show I think somebody beat some people might be surprised got a bunch of nominations is the morning show from the brand new streaming service apple but it's a very starry inside the baseball behind the scenes look at a morning show that has the Matt Lauer type scandal it was nominated for best drama and the two stars Jennifer Aniston Reese Witherspoon were both nominated and they're just big stars and and the globe I mean people like Jennifer Aniston just like tailor made for a globe nomination so even though that still got some X. reviews it's in the top tier of the drama series being nominated for the clubs the thing about that let me mention mark marvelous Mrs Maisel how many episodes do they drop when they drop for a season something they do to him this time they did eight episodes episode so and then when we look at this when we look forward to what's going on I'm curious to know this doesn't ever become like a precursor though for the Emmys doesn't because the Emmys are quite a ways away it's not as it's not as tied to the Emmys as it is seen as like an Oscar precursors of right look at this is like a bellwether for what's going to happen the Oscar nominations and what's really happening there is the fact that Netflix is has just released dominated the field in both television and movies with movies like the Irishman M. marriage story and even smaller films like you well actually with the but that Eddie Murphy movie dolomite is my name got a comedy nomination so did very well they got seventeen nominations in movies they also got seventeen nominations in in television with shows like the crown which just happened just dropped in amazing affect the third season a few weeks ago with a brand new cast including Olivia Colman as the queen Tobias Menzies as prince Philip and Helena Bonham Carter as the sister princess Margaret all three of those got globe nominations as well so they love that there is that a show that a lot of people milling would be familiar with called unbelievable it was a limited series true crime drama that's had a mirror weaver and Toni Collette played detectives and Kaelin beaver a young girl who was sexually assaulted and it dealt with this serial rapist is really just a great series but didn't get a lot of buzz because to get swallowed by all the Netflix stuff this would popped out and got four nominations which is as many of the crown and the most nominated TV mini series which was Chernobyl on HBO so again in a lot there's so much TV nowadays it's hard for anything to pop through well yes I heard you mention that more than once there is just an awful lot of television these days so that's pretty much the way it it what it comes down to to hear so what are you looking forward to see what's coming up what's new on the radar is there anything new on the radar well not a lot new but I will tell you one thing that is if you're watching TV this week in what if one of your habits of the watch wheel of fortune along with jeopardy that you're gonna notice the Pat Sajak is nowhere to be seen on the set of they're going into their big winner promotion they called the secret Santa give away and Vanna white is stepping in for Pat Sajak this the next week these episodes were filmed while he was recovering from a domino surgery and she's in a guest once before at least but but and then the many many years they've done the show but to have her doing the Pat Sajak they'll be startling for people if they didn't know this happened with those episodes airing this and next week and the Paley this budget Disney characters on the set as well because of the Disney promotion so I don't know what that means group is going to turn over letters or what it was in late night you know we were back in the days of Johnny Carson there used to be you know guest hosts were pretty much of a regular thing with the take a vacation they let celebrities coming together so the almost never see that anymore but for the next two weeks on James cordons sort of rambunctious late late show the show the comes on on CBS following call there he's got a guest host filling in while he goes in films with a Netflix movie and so we're gonna see Alicia keys and item later on you'll see Melissa McCarthy said and then Jeff Goldblum and and Harry styles field the rapper lots lots of the under some quite a few more so for the next two weeks are we different Gasol's every night on the on the James cordon show which is a really fun show a lot of people don't stay up that late to watch it but again I would like to see more of more of that like having people stepped in when when the when the when the host goes away so you don't want to repeat mode and just spread the wealth a little bit yeah one of one people are gonna that job all right well I'll tell you what Dave Lee will be back with you next Thursday I just get to fill in today and tomorrow he'll check back in with you next Thursday I mean next Monday it's Monday for goodness sake well it's a pleasure to talk to you John always yeah I was of a joint chatting with you Matt because you because you know the stuff and it's it's it's good thank you so much for the visit this morning my pleasure thanks again all right

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