Why Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett might be in a 'chess match'


First we do have to talk about skips cowboys ahead of Jason Garrett's meeting with the Jones Family Garrett admitted he didn't know what the future sure hell but said quote. We'll have a good visit and see what's next. After the meeting. There was still no news on Gertz Future. Jerry Jones was clear that he had no timetable. Timetable on a decision following the cowboys. Blowout win over Washington on Sunday. Jerry said quote. There's no door shut here tonight. Both sides rides are scheduled to meet again today. Interesting there Shannon. Please explain what is going on. Your skip is really hard cut ties with someone you care about I agree we've all been here. Skip you've been in a relationship and you've got to self talk w light you know what I'm GonNa end it. I just know it's not the right thing to do. We're going into directions. She wants different thing. He wants different things. You got this all plan that genie get home. I'm going to say you know what Babe I just think it's time for us is to go out separate ways you must have a negative. It's all bad break. Yeah you get there you like. Hey how you doing see. You had a great day at work because you care now you don't care about get out kit rocks however what if you don't call call be lose my number Yada Yada Yada. Jerry can't do this because he allowed himself to get close to this situation and remember. This is one reason why the military do not let higher ups have relationships with subordinates. Because it cloud your judgment. It makes it so hard for you to do things that you know you should do. Jerry knows what he should you do because we've gotten so close. It's hard for me to believe I believe that over the course of this nine year relationship as an owner coach. Jason has gone on vacation with Jerry. Very believe he's gone to Jerry's home and had nice meals or a celebration. I agree with Jerry is so skip it makes it so much harder because deep down. Here's what you look here. We've been together nine years. I've got four eight hundred. Five hundred seasons Made the playoffs three times. I missed the other times so I know what I should do down and I liked Jason. He's like a son term it years and you he gave Sam we have lived together and they have give because like you said he was. Troy's backup you WanNa Championship together. He was his offense as a coordinator and he promoted him to head coach. There's a lot of history there. But and plus you said Jay read would it pro football say their own looking at team they got some bad breaks here. J. Like you know what we did. Get a couple of bad breaking Jason's really not that bad 'cause you see how you look. We look to Washington skill. Look how we look. The first time around gets phillies killed so he look at what we did to. The Rams team had a winning record and we destroyed him. No He's he's looking at it but because he jerry has the range of emotions if he's ready to fire. I was surprised that Jay was allowed to get back on the plane. At the New England. Game Ain't and then he comes out and then Chicago game. They lose on a Thursday night skipping puts his arm around him a that's when he came up with we had a football life together almost seemed like I can't let this guy go skip. Look he's Jerry is looking deep down. Maybe if I just give him a two year deal say Jay somebody you to turn this thing around. I'm getting some new coaches Yada. Yada Yada and this thing will be different. He knows what he should do. But because his heart is so connected to Jason Jason it makes it almost impossible for him to do it because he also knows nine years. I've groomed Jason. He's GonNa take everything they all in the paper Apor Agua I can beat him up. beat him down and he's going to take it in stride and just go say hey we gotta keep our head that remember we keep our heads down and we keep working keep grinding and jared all know somebody that's GonNa be. They say that I don't know if they're going to be able to take it. So that's what's going on. Skip he's too close to the situation. He allowed himself to get too close to Jason Get In his tearing at his heart that he knows he needs to let Jason go but he can't right now for once. I unfortunately agreed with every word you just utter and I must say publicly. My worst football nightmare is taking place right before my very eyes and I can't do anything to stop it. In fact the more I sit over here and pound his desk Jerry wakeup jakup finally and fire this man. He's a nice guy. We all agree. He's not the right guide to coach The Dallas Cowboys going forward. You Know Jerry and I know at Gerry. Shannon Sharpe deep down. I believe he knows it though. He won't admit it out and yet the more I beat this table. Trust me on this because I know Jerry Jones. The more I found the more he's going to dig in because he he has lived his life his oil and gas life. Doing just the opposite of what everybody totally should do. Jerry you're done you're tapped out. You gotTA quit. You gotta go

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