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Astros' Jose Altuve alleged to have buzzer under jersey to cheat


They need to Major League Baseball needs to do a serious investigation on some of these players like out too vague because they'll be able to find out I believe if they really want to know the truth I'm not sure of Major League Baseball wants to know the truth because all too there is such a beloved guy you know and then one of the best probably the best you know hit one of the best hitters in baseball do they really want evidence to come forward to show that al to van Bregman somebody's other guys were wearing electronic devices just like Major League Baseball didn't want the steroid stuff to come out I think they're full of crap I don't think they want the stuff to come out I don't how on earth if you are Major League Baseball how on earth do you allow this stuff to happen to not know anything about it how can a team keep this quiet for the entire year and by the way I don't buy the fact that it was only last year I can tell you that I they were probably doing this for several years Cora all these guys they probably were involved with this for a long period of time don't you tell me right now that all to say do you know deserves to be the MVP don't you tell me that now when you have an advantage like that were you know not only the type of pitcher gonna be getting but what part of the plate it's going to be on the location and you're a professional Major League Baseball player for Christ's sake there's a lot of college shooters that could probably get some hits and and and and perform if they know where a a major league pitchers throwing the ball and what kind of picture gonna get no wonder while to be had a metal part in fact I'm surprised they didn't have more out of the park in that series or any series in the playoffs it's a joke and it's a job for everyone to say that all too they should be punished at all for this and I believe one hundred percent that he was wearing one of these devices I believe there are other players on the Astros are wearing these devices as well so this is this is indefensible in my opinion Major League Baseball you better do your job you better find out what happened here the store is not going away no and I think they will do their job I think that in again there's there's no guaranteed evidence but there there's definitely some there's some evidence that points to it looks like this is probably the case they should lose their championship in two thousand seventeen like I said and how to obey and Bregman anybody warring those buzzer should be banned from baseball

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