VAR Gives Chelsea the Blues



Interesting way do we stop for today's game because obviously massive result for Manchester United but it feels like a match that was defined by those decisions looking table. Five points on the ninth and seventy arsenal as everybody. Back into the mix is for where we start. Just go over a few things quickly. Chelsea one one in six in the League manager having a brief please exacly the goalkeeper again. Well they copy understaffed that again. We'll talk about the reasons not plan. You may say definitely has You know gives you the confidence. Go Cuban behind you and really copier was way over his left for the false goal. Checks cut score struggle scoring. And all the good play on the English officiate in Var is just an absolute utter shambles on talk without you say the afterward this because it did win. The point through them chronic. Let's start with the Harry. Maguire one McGuire off the game said basically he could see by try was falling on him so he put his leg up to stop him falling on a guy who set off given some story to make it to make it sound reasonable decision. They made the truth. Does he kicked caught by. Its Way and a painful position and I don't understand the controversy because it's straightforward any normal human being anybody who's entity football should see that surveyed cow then. He's not given as a joke. Mate rarely the head of the p. g. m. oil an England. The referees should fall on has sold off the back of vest season alone onto the Taylor was at referee that Raffray game when hung homeland son was sent off. That was he missed that one as well but it was officiated by Var. It was very similar. Motion Offi win because as a dispiriting. Navarre is the crux of the matter. Here because antenna Taylor said it. Before as the on field official the game should be refereed by the onfield official. He was in a game he was with instant. Harpen five yards from the monitor from the very thing. That might really doesn't want the referees to go and look because it's taken up too much time it was five yards from the Monitor. It can poke the Cross and then a concession decision between the cows I mean as frightened the stubbornness and ignorance of these officials in England. Just a quick poll from the boys. Frank Red card view on Harry Maguire. Yes of course. I have nothing to say more than what the Guy said you know? I've been a defender and you you ego works when when in fact somebody pushes you and you get out and the funding start to to laugh at you and you have a reaction. And that's exactly what McGuire. He was upset but it goes but surely pushed him and the and when he saw me kicked him stretch his leg and he's a straight red card. We go a little bit. Further than Craig is going is the guy who washed the war. Don't understand football in never played football. If he would have played football it would have understand that it was a clear foul from McGuire. Read one hundred percent I think Russia is on and it was his decision in the first half as well which was real bizarre. One when William Yellow Car took Puno Fernandez on dropped the shoulder. Tony little step over went to the byline clear. Foul and the referee gave will end the yellow card for diving and it was almost an and the boys are absolutely right and Craig's absolutely spots on it. That was the perfect chance for Anthony. Taylor who's a couple of yards away from the monitor just to go and double check just freeze on sanity. If you like just to double check the situation it was a definite kick out higher. Guan Yu exactly what he was doing and it was. I think it's I think it's clear everyone. That was a clear red card. What about the disallowed goal in the second half that we saw? Chelsea thought they made the breakthrough dawn thing thought the again the guy is sitting there in Vr. And the and the decision when it's when it's fast and furious all young girls of it and it was very easy to spot and I don't know what the solution is because these are easy decisions. Sometimes I feel as you should have a next pro. You know in your room but it doesn't really make any sense saying I'm calling myself because the guys inveigh Autzen. I would see quite clearly see that Fred was the first one that pushed asprilla Quetta. He then falls into into Brandon Williams and then everyone assumes up Brandon Williams is being fouled but the first foul and the first push came from from Frank de agree. I totally agree. I think the guy in the wars wearing the Manchester t shirt in. Because if you don't WanNa see McGuire you cannot avoid seeing what Fred did. Fred pushed spirit. Who didn't have anything to do? But Pushing William so it's nonsense of course nature desk grace eight because I was. I'm a former Jesse. Players have people who are GONNA say he wants to defend Chelsea. None of which you did. Well they were courageous APPREC-. They did a good pressure pressing on my on. Chelsea deplete very well that game but the ref give them the game. The Ref the guy in of all the revenue done look at the Monitor but the Guy Lavar give them begin in this way. Like with sat here for guys discussing the same incident and it's rare where everybody agrees so wholeheartedly about it. Sometimes you could say well I could. Maybe see what the officials saw here but on this occasion and it's not anti united buyers or anything like that it just seem well day the officials you have to accept we brought br vow was brought in so the decisions that were that. Were wrong the maiden such. It's not decision would be fixed. We get VR and somebody looking at that monitor. Still can't see it. There's nowhere else to go and this is. This is what was stolen. And we've seen a lot of people crying vars ruining the Game Games gone. But this isn't vast phone if you're showing an official what we've all seen and he comes to that conclusion as that's nothing to do with David. Technology is to do with human interpretation. This is a simple debate. Whether you're wearing a red shirt of mandated as a foreigner a Bushel of jealousy. This is this is not. This is an impartial debate. Because it's so simplistic and the decisions. No when we were watching the Zuma goal I think we all say they're going to chop off because that's what it lake no that the reason technology here's is for people like us and people like the referee and people that support the whole when the effect of CD something as technology goes Bot and goes. Oh Ho. Let's clarify. There's something else in there and as soon as we saw push we all went. Well he's pushed anti is going is going to give the goal. Yeah and when he doesn't flabbergasted let me go back to your point or colleague made us not here and I'm not having to go with a discussion with VR and looking at monitors six months ago and Preto. An jokingly said we have to get used to looking at monitors referee and looking at replays. Now for what the hell was it talking about here but as it turns out the saw the job the saw think when it comes to understanding as an AFO that was right. Yeah these primarily griff rhys who by the way no it'd be seen at the two thousand eighteen World Cup because they were good enough cannot even luke a replay and give a sensible decision. That's a worry and the so-called dancers league in the world governing in France. They are worse than that. So it's a big forum. I think reference the afternoon out to understand football and the tricks of the players. Okay away from officials way from von. Let's talk about the significant this significance of this result Song Chelsea. Yeah because as you mentioned Kappa dropped again batch y starting when he just looks completely out of form as you're at least gave you a little something when he came off the bench. Justice called the government. We Chelsea goalkeeper is crystal clear. That Frank Lampard has a beef with CAPA-. I believe I understand. He wants he doesn't like him. I'm not as it doesn't seem as a goalkeeper. It doesn't think is good enough and he wants a moat. The Chelsea worried that if she held a fortune on this guy and hence the massive. So there's a fight going on what literally speaking as a fight between lobbing the ball that moment so when you do that then because clearly. It's so tight that you're gonNA have to play your best players. I mean she may finish in the top five. Or so yeah. It's it's Monday so when you make that fight with the bald as it seems to be winning because when you're not winning games you put yourself under more pressure on. That's an interest will cape what was going to come back and today then I'm not saying that's why be loss but he's a clear fi on with the ball that jail if they don't want to financial laws and he signed these road. That's fine when you winning games regular then not moment. Hammond and I talked to be creek. What an argument about whether y plays as you replace a was well the truck by the door by Schwab hustled a goal knauss two games and because he stand he's GonNa start him false quick said to me that is mental. If you want to get in the top four and you play your best. Yeah no I argued still will argue about it but what you cannot argue about. Its when you're putting somebody like Caballero and ahead of kappa. The difference between by Schwab is minimal in my opinion but the difference between Caballero and Carepa is a car and you saw in the forest goal show is a hundred percent all the B. B. Stable. Not play the best people got it done. Frank Lampard twentieth fats. During wrong he is content. There was a number things than I did. The kappa one's a bizarre one. Because the guys are right. It doesn't fancy kept. The middleman is obviously a check who's think sporting director or performance coach. I think one of the very highest level. So he's obviously in favor of capital because he finds Zuma's Gawky thinks he's really good despite a record fee for him so that's where that's where the dilemmas coming from on the pitch tonight thought competition with Suppo the best part but Chelsea was so imbalanced down the left hand. Side Reese James. Spent it right back enough. Liquid applied at left back and every time they went down the left inside cutting back on his right foot and you know. Lonzo is sitting on the bench tonight. So it's easy. In hindsight brothel. There was a guy. Maybe you could have bought one for more balanced and does your rude. Botch y wants a massive debate. Why because of his legs and what you can offer 'em behind is a midfield player. You'd WanNa play Giroud all day long. Because he's a good presence holds the ball really well and you bring these Midfield Plaza into the game. Meanwhile voiced. We've got to give credit. You GotTa sign for Bridge you win. No matter what the officials or whatever happens you got the job done and you all very much rate champions. They go and the race teams ray so say And they're one of them It's not a great Jason. Black has to be said in Chelsea showing cracks. The interesting thing is we've we've been very critical of has been critical socio the front paws. GonNa if he doesn't get this team from that position they were in over the

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