Simply The Best - burst 03

High Noon


Exciting. An intensive finishes we can remember team. Lebron got to one fifty seven with Anthony Davis making the second of two pressure. Pack free throws to seal the victory. Pablo fans complained for years about the low stakes and lack of defense in the all-star game. Is this new format with the Eelam ending. That sets a target score for each team to reach the right solution. This feels like the right solution and last night but was not just a really good all-star game maybe the best all star game that we've watched it was one of the most fun games period of basketball in general that. I have seen and so you can compare it to like game seven twenty sixteen. Nba Finals USA Spain in the Olympics. All of that like in terms of entertainment value. I think weirdly ranks up there but the thing about this is that as much as it was weird. And it was a whole contrivance. It felt like pure basketball. It felt like the reason why I like watching basketball. The first play. But like the whole damn thing is a contrivance right these aren't actual teams right so what we got to the end in a brought out the competition. I was like oh. I'm here for what I found more fascinating than the idea to catch. Play it hard. Is that the idea to cats. Round here shook. That was the thing that got me. The pressure just competing in this place with your peers was enough James Harden for example. I'll be out here on that limit booty. I had a great time watching this thing

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