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Today's January twenty six two thousand nineteen. I'm your host Matt Dillon. Are you on some edzard. What's the deal joining me? This is John Baker. We are here in the sense to go. Then I know how you doing out there in the world. Yeah Yeah Yeah we are. We're live and You know stuff happens zip so after having by the way I'm GonNa talk some. ACA Business for funsies so after having solved our Toilet problem and then authorizing the board authorized the expense of nineteen thousand dollars words to replace the concrete sewer line that drains. It's been there for fifty six years or whatever and there's tree roots growing through it so it has to be done and that's just what it's going to be it comes out here. Runs runs out to the street. We're GONNA replace that. Everything's working after clearing it out Today it's not so it's a good thing that the port bodies still here however The repairs are we're gonNA be done Soon and then hopefully be working But that's a good point to remind people that you can become a patron and supporter of the Atheist Community of Authentic Pedro Dot com slash the atheist atheist experience. And that's the. That's the way we use your money. We should sell naming rights to that toilet we should. It's it's which ever apologised donates the most modern there you go it will become their throne and put their name on it. No it's it's all good but yeah I just got her this morning so yesterday we we were doing a series of adventures outings. The errands our a new board member and Events Coordinator and so we had done The Texas Renaissance Fair but yesterday we went to the Houston Museum of Natural Science And the planetarium originally it was just. We're going to the planetarium for the pink. Floyd show okay and I have some comments about that first of all these still do that. Yeah that was the thing back when I was a kid. Yeah it's actually the same thing is it. Oh my goodness so Thanks Aaron for organizing. This is and I'm glad we went and I enjoyed the show. But if I driven two and a half hours to Houston and two and a half hours back to see the forty you know listen to dark side of the moon and watch graphics that were originally done in like the ninety S. I might have been disappointed however as it turns out. Since there's nothing else there at the planetarium property theater you know and I want to go back and see like some space stuff but we did get to walk around That museum in Houston great stuff. There had a great time That would incredibly good dinosaur collection mhm they multiple t rexes and Other we we joked that we're going to spend all day looking at rocks because the fossils are essentially rocks walks. The rocks that the fossils are in Iraq's the gemstone collection is rocks pretty rocks the pottery and stuff that that's done by the Americans. No no no no. The taxidermy. Stuff was not rocks. But I decided that for fun we would say we went look rocks and stuffed animals malls because that's basically There was some good stuff. There is A Nice Egyptian exhibit. some cool stuff on you know evolution Asian in good dating and probably not as informative and educational as much as it is observational. But I out a really good time there Lots of stuff to see and I was exhausted by the time I got home. Lives her Sherwin so for the first time in eight is the dominant Demille Museum. We drove passive the Fine Arts Museum which caught my attention because Their advertisement is girl with a Pearl earring. The VERMEILLE vermeer not for me But also at the at that. Here's the museum they had Faberge display including a faberge egg a bunch of items that were created. It was a good day and so so While we just drove my truck and didn't use the van because there weren't that many people who showed up here and some people just met US there Yeah if for the people who who are in the Austin area or going to be in the area buildings open seven days a week roughly from eleven to nine or so. There's a number of events going on including various gaming gatherings and philosophical off discussions and then the hosts were recording countless shows now in addition to the experience and talk to them which was on earlier Friday nights is truth. Wanted but there was a problem with the Internet and so that that truth wanted is going to air immediately after this I believe on the same channel. Same as we've done for other things so if you missed ocoee or if you missed wanted on Friday you'll be able to watch it. The the official premiere of the recorded version of a live show immediately following. If you can't get enough atheism today and you should do right. Because there wasn't very I was here when they were recording. There wasn't all that much atheism on there. There was Interesting pay perhaps conspiracy theorist type stuff off and on and some good discussions. Yeah and Topaz imaginary friends. Okay yeah that you know Dan Had Eric Murphy theonest guest. And so that'd be airing right after this. In addition to the atheist experience. Talk here then truth. Wanted we also produce godless bitches. Parenting beyond belief Secular sexuality which Airs Live Live on Thursdays and Just way too much stuff for me to name but not too much stuff for you to watch because we're finally producing enough content so that it's is not just ooh call in and argue with the douchebag you know me being the Douchebag News twenty four hours a day every day I I would do this show every single day for three hours. My goodness Yeah so life man is his life. This is this is like a okay so anyway You have been doing this show longer than I have a calendar time by a couple of years. But you've gone far more episodes awesome. I have yeah but I haven't done as many episodes on failures and where where I come in with the topic all the time I I do try to do that. And today you have in other topic another topic is kind of a light topic today Last time I talked about God's anointed leaders And how the Bible sort of says you know every every leader is anointed by God and chosen by God and you better damn will obey them Today I have an editorial from the magazine Christianity Andy Today that came out December nineteenth and It's about the about the impeachment trial and such and I'm going to read read a couple of quotes from it and then read a couple of his responses and that'll be my topic today And as a reminder yeah The Atheist Community Boston is is nonpartisan nonpartisan and we're not endorsing any candidate or anything else but we can in fact talk about issues and we can talk about people's positions on issues and stuff like that. It's right so we're not telling you who to vote for absolutely absolutely not. Well we would like you to vote. Though I can not voting as a good thing I can take opposition to other people to participate in the system. especially if you're going to be one of the people who complains about the right. which would you everybody complains about? I I loved hearing from people complaining. They're like I don't voting's a waste of time and all I'm tired of voting for the lesser of two evils. Well if you even if you view it that way where there's two evils voting for the less of lesser of those two evils is by your own admission the better choice and and if by not voting the worst of the two evils gets elected or gets passed as legislation you basically implicitly supported and endorsed the greater of the two who evils by not on sending a message. Okay yes you are are sending a message and don't get me wrong apathetic. I used to be on it. I I was largely apolitical. I didn't care. I didn't think my vote Matt. Oh I live in you. Know in this place and it's going to go read or it's GonNa go blue depending on what my vote doesn't matter. There's lots of other reasons listens to vote and it's not. I think I think when people do that. Oh I'm vote. Why would I vote for the lesser of two evils I think that's a a gross oversample simplification perhaps misrepresentation but it. Lets me know that they're at least okay. And and actually I've seen people post that I'm not gonNa vote for the last two evils. Let the let the worst or the of the two evils have it and let this whole thing burned down and crumble. So that we can start over again attend because Yeah the the sausage making making isn't very pretty there. Yeah it's also an issue of like the perfect is the enemy of the good and if you expect the there's not a single candidate or probably not even a piece of legislation that I would remotely consider perfect If anything politics is the art of compromise and if nobody's particularly happy happy the argument is that you probably done pretty good but if if you're waiting for perfection if you have some kind of Utopian ideal yeah then you're GonNa find yourself constantly disappointed and sometimes you go with this just better or this is good enough and this gets the foot in the door to allow you know. Allow us to continue continue improving.

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