Riot Games Reports League of Legends Worlds Viewership for 2020

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No secret that League of Legends world's is the most watch E sports event every year but the absolute massive gap between worlds and other events is all staggering to see this morning right games reported an average minute audience or AMA of twenty-three million as an increase of about 1.2 million / 2019. They also reported a peek concurrent viewership of forty six million viewers and over 1 billion total hours watch over the entire course of the tournament e Sports viewership can be confusing to track given the difference between a streaming platforms track viewers and how TV networks do so. So Riot and Activision Blizzard brought in Nielsen to provide the average minute audience or am a stack the stat is directly comparable to other he's dead. Events who use AMA and to traditional sports events and their TV ratings any sports Activision Blizzard's announced AMA for the OverWatch League finals was 2.9 Million globally. That's just a little bit over 10% of what world's received. It's no wonder o w l team owners are in conversations to get partial refunds from a Beyond those lofty team by ends, but worlds was also higher than most traditional sports events as well. The 2020 MLB World Series saw an average of about ten million viewers per game. So about half of League of Legends world. The NBA finals were even worse averaging about 7 and 1/2 hours per game. It should be said that the World Series was in line with previous historical averages while the 2020 NBA Finals was an anomaly only seeing about half of the viewership. We saw over the five finals before it off other events of League of Legends world's beat included the NHL finals, which was at two million viewers and gulps the Masters at about six million viewers. There are only a small handful of sporting events drawing more viewers than League of Legends at home. Point Wimbledon Tennis is about 28 million viewers the Superbowl sits around a hundred million viewers every year and then the Champions League finals which neared five hundred million viewers back in 2019. I believe a bunch of other soccer events are probably over that number as well, but I didn't go through all the regional leagues. This does not include events that happen every four years like the Olympics the soccer World Cup or the Cricket World Cup, which are all well overly of Legends as well. Still you can see why league is attracted so much attention and brought in so many Brands. It's in really lofty company with numbers like this. It's all first episode of the Esports minute. If you want more Esports content, we publish a new episode of the game or hour or Chris pocket interviews former NFL running back Arian Foster. A lot of fantasy football fans will remember when Arian Foster broke onto the scene with a couple record-setting years back in the early part of this decade.

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