McConnell rejects Dem demand for big Covid relief package, stands by push for 'highly targeted' bill


Just heard from mitchell about the income. Cliff coming up at the end of the year right. Still though senate majority leader mitch. Mcconnell said again today there is not going to be another big corona virus. Relief bill at a congress if it happens at all. It's going to be closer what he was talking about before the election. Something near five hundred billion dollars a skinny package if you will but with unemployment still high and the virus on the rise will that skinny. Bill helped the people who need it most. No it won't bang. Adler is a senior economist at the center for american progress. He writes about this kind of thing. Welcome to the program. Thank you for having me As you just heard. Senator mcconnell said once again day He does not see the need for a large relief. Package for this economy What do you think it is very surprising to hear that given where we are in terms of the pandemic but also given what happened earlier this year. If you think about what happened at margin april and cares act and how that help out the economy. We should want more of that. Given numbers you've said Repeatedly said it on twitter the other day and you've said in a piece online Within the past week or so our economic policies are basically geared toward white men. If white men are doing fine then we get the economic policy that white men need. That is correct because if you look at the numbers you look at what happened in april. When we had the peak of unemployment general employment was at fourteen point. Seven percent white men had an unemployment rate of twelve point four percent. That's when we saw the cares act. That's where we saw all the other things and p p and a lot of Spending to help out this economy. Since then the rate for white man has dropped down now to five point eight percent. And so you can. Look at these policymakers all while things are looking good but if you look at it for other groups so for example black men are at eleven point. Five percent so black men had a similar unemployment rate that whiteman had an april. And then you also even look at what's happening with women women last month. Eight hundred sixty five thousand dropped out of the labor force that they're not even counted in unemployment and the only got half that back. But if you look only at white men with five point eight percent on perpetrate then you can say oh we only skinny bill but white men are not the economy everybody's economy and we have to focus on that. Let me ask you one more thing and And i guess it it makes sense given the state of play right now but you wrote the other day As this pandemic has hit home. Lawmakers cannot be counted on to respond to the magnitude of this crisis or any future economic crisis that is fairly bleak that we can't count on on washington to fix this economy when it so desperately needed. But that's the truth. We lost a lot of unemployment. Pete that almost fifty percent and we put in three four trillion dollars into the economy. And the thing is it worked and instead of putting more money back in continuing these things like direct checks or expanded you. Why which people that you know said eight million people. Out of poverty policymakers that on the hands and let it expire and all the way through the election. It didn't happen shocking. Pretty much everybody so of course you know we can't. We can't expect politics because in a position where he would have done it when he's should've done it. We didn't see it so we can't trust him anymore.

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