Corey Lewandowski, a Trump campaign adviser, has tested positive for the virus.


In our nation's capital the white house is experiencing yet another covert cluster despite not having the bulk of the election results in on election day last night the trump way last tuesday. I'm sorry the trump white house held this presumptive victory party and the east room at the white house and since then several attendees have tested positive including the white house chief of staff mark meadows hud secretary ben carson trump campaign adviser david bossie former trump campaign aide healy. Baumgartner and white house political director brian. Jack all in attendance all having tested positive and today we learned. There are two more positives republican national committee chief of staff richard walters and trump campaign adviser corey lewandowski. Who since that election night party has also spent time in philadelphia trying to help. Trump's flailing legal challenges to the vote count there and he showed up at the infant inva- at the infamous news conference on saturday outside the four seasons the four seasons total landscaping company. But don't panic lewinsky told cnbc. Today i feel great. And it's great for him that he's not experiencing symptoms right now but it's not great for nearly one hundred sixty thousand americans who just caught this thing today or specifically the sixty seven thousand people currently hospitalized because of their symptoms.

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