Barack Obama's new memoir 'A Promised Land' discusses rise of Donald Trump and marriage with Michelle


A- promised land. That's the title of former president obama's new memoir remember. This is just part one. Because he couldn't get it all written in time so he split up into two parts but we are starting to see what he is writing about in this book and cnn obtained a copy of the book and my colleagues jeff zeleny and america and others poured through it and one of the big headlines that is emerging from the former president's memoir is how directly he deals with the issue of race and the rise to the trump era in other words. Barack obama who doesn't really talk about his race and its impact on american society. All that much really addresses in this memoir. He's very being. As the first black president sitting in that oval office he believes allowed millions of americans to be spooked by that and that was something. Donald trump understood that there would be millions. americans spooked. That black man was present united states and exploited it and played it to his political advantage. That is what obama thinks. The whole birther controversy was about he thinks that palin sarah palin being put on john mccain's ticket in two thousand eight was the beginning of this of taking what were sort of fringe off the read corners of the republican firmament in the country and bringing it front and center and that his being the first black president allowed that to happen because there were people like donald trump wanting to exploit those very racial and racist fears. I many in this country. It's just a fascinating. Read to see obama talking in these terms but this comes out at a time where we're seeing. How race played into this year's election. And the here obama talk about this in a way that quite frankly he hasn't talked about before is pretty fascinating.

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