Violence erupts between counter-protestors, Trump supporters following Washington DC rally


Well since Election day, President Trump's lawyers have have suffered suffered a a serious serious of of legal legal defeats defeats and and setbacks. setbacks. They They claim claim unfounded unfounded claims claims of of widespread widespread voter voter fraud, fraud, but but they've they've lost lost at at least least a a dozen dozen cases cases so so far far in in several several states. states. This did not stop thousands of Trump supporters from gathering in Washington yesterday to protest the election results, an event dubbed the Million Mom March. Things got violent after dark when rally goers clashed with counter protesters. One melee ended with someone who got stabbed and was critically injured 10 people total were arrested, though it's not clear on which side They were president. Trump tweeted about that violence last night, calling the counter protesters quote antifa scum and telling defeat police to quote Don't hold back. That violence broke out just hours after the president himself drove by in appearance Who's

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