Biden team should get access to intelligence briefings


Republican senators have congratulated Biden on his win at least six more GOP senators Josh Holly of Missouri, John Thune of South Dakota, Chuck Grassley of Iowa, Rob Portman of Ohio, James Lankford of Oklahoma and Mike rounds of South Dakota or saying that Biden should at least be receiving intelligence briefings even if Trump won't order his appointed head of the General Services Administration. To officially recognized Biden as the president elect here is sent it around to South Dakota. Look, one of these two men will be the president, United States after the election results have come in. And I think at this point, just as a matter of Protecting our nation's interests. I do think that both the president and his and his competition here, the vice President Biden should have access to those classified reports. Conservative British TV host Piers Morgan on Friday afternoon urged Trump to concede on Twitter GOP strategist Karl Rove said Thursday that Trump's lawsuits won't change the election results. Cindy McCain also told CNN today her deceased husband, former Senator John McCain, would have wanted Biden recognized as president elect You Beecher, he would be telling these people it is time that we that we move on. It's time we heal. It's China. We support our president elect and also encourage the G s A to release the funds so that the heat and get on with his transition team. Cindy McCain is an adviser to President elect job. His transition team. Trump's press secretary Kayleigh Mcenany, and White House Trade advisor Peter Navarro. Both gave interviews on Fox business doubling down on the idea. Trump is preparing for a second term. This came as major news outlets today formally called the State of Georgia. For Biden and North Carolina. For Trump Theologian. Toral Vote count is now 306 for Biden and 232 for Trump

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