Why the Cambridge train tour didnt please everyone

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There wasn't going to be anything else coming away until the new year. That was the best feeling. wasn't it. we just went on break. Were you taking any time off where he planning to. It's kind of difficult to see it. it's difficult. I'm going to try to force to to take some time off even if you can actually travel anywhere because of restrictions but i think it'll be nice to at least pretend that it's a holiday ray still given that acknowledgement and even if you just hunker in at home and watching movies or something but at least you're you're celebrating so i'll have to do something you know. Been some good holiday movies. Eat good holiday food. I'll be a happy camper. what about you. I think just being back with with with a very small selection of my family officer with different guidelines. Here but it'd be nice just to get out of london to the countryside and basically eats. I did big plan. Was i was like i'm gonna sit and i'm going to eat food. I will be fund home alone. Wine is always my favorite goto. But i'd like to throw a little too in there as well. It's a good point you can't forget about the others. It makes his well. It will be very different for the royal family. Of course they wouldn't be together christmas day but we'll talk about this later in the show. We did see all of them. Almost all of the senior royals together this week. For kind of a sort of landmark moment. I guess for the role calendar this year. We have been so distant. It was great seeing them together. That will be part of our roundup. Summary william and kate's big train tour the royal train to train. That train doesn't come out very often but when it does but before we get to that we did have some good news this week from princess and doses artem. Oh i know. I was so excited for this. I think you especially in this year to get a bit of baby news. That's what we got. It's so exciting. And they've been very open about their struggles Zero zara very opened up the first to talk publicly about having a miscarriage. And so i feel like you know as the public we've kind of been with this couple For the bad and the good times of children so to have them say this is our third child. Were excited where announcing it was a little bit of good news that i think everyone wanted this holiday season to wrap up. What's been a very difficult year to sit. At least yeah. And mike. I think made it a very personal announcement. Might beings are tindall's husband. He has a podcast. The bathroom the rugby disease former england rugby captain and so very much involved in that scene and he casually announced the beginning of the shoe. Just sort of dropping it into the conversation that they had recently had That i scan and discovered that the third tyndall baby is on its way. I speak a little scanner. Sweetser tyndall ways but ross cloth. I know when he first heard this. It's so casually like did you tell your wife you were announcing this on your podcast there. Because the it's just a little happy moment. This holiday season knick new.

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