No Adebayo, No Dragic, Miami Heat Fall to Los Angeles Lakers 124- 114


To end before finals No bam out of bio for Miami or Goran Dragic it either, but The heat would find themselves with the lead. It was 8 to 6. First quarter from there. Essentially all Lakers backto LeBron no face up against a gondola. 20 ft from the wall of his left thigh, makes his move into the lane gets underneath, puts it up and and won the strength of LeBron James on a drive to the basket. Bounce. It's Davis left. Quarter three. Good again. Anthony Davis 10 of 11 here in Game two of the NBA Finals. Is that even hit the rim back Toronto on the three point line back to Cosmo for three. No good, A D, another offensive board. Other basket. He's seven for seven in the third quarter 15 of his 30 coming here in the third layer and a 14 point lead at the half. Miami would pour it on with 39 in the third quarter, but the Lakers dropping 35. In that third quarter as well. He tried to make a push in the fourth, but l A puts him away and when it by 10 1 24 1 14. Lakers have to nothing. Siri's Lee LeBron James is first to will lead in the embassy finals never gets old being on the stage. Thats what I worked my tail off for to be able to play. Into June October, and I'm honored to be able to be with such a great franchise. Great teammates. Great culture staff. Great fan base represent the Western Conference, so it will never get old. Just tryingto take full advantage of walking. And you're wearing a very special jersey tonight, representing that franchises of the Black Mamba snake skin jerseys. You guys are undefeated in those Younis. Anthony told me, he said, We just feel like we can't lose their precious extra pressure. We cannot lose in these. Do you feel the same way? Well, it's always special to be able to represent someone that meant so much not only to the game, but obviously to the Lakers organization for 20, plus years and for us the honor him being on the floor. This is what it's all about, and you know We're thinking about Brian family, Vanessa and daughters. They're with us with the guys. We love you guys and hopefully we make, you know, make it been proud by wearing these uniforms tonight and throughout the course of the postseason LeBron James with our Rachel Nichols after his 21st career 30 Point game in the N B a Finals, Anthony Davis with 32 points. In the Wind. LeBron and Anthony Davis first Lakers teammates with 30 points in a finals game since Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal in 2002, Lakers hitting

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