Can Belgium survive?


Belgium is currently enjoying the second week of a new, national. Government This would be entirely on remarkable. Were it not for the fact that the seven-party coalition agreed circa the crack of dawn the other Wednesday ended four hundred and ninety three days without a national government, and this was not even Belgium's first such era of anarchy. In recent times, Belgium went five, hundred, eighteen, nine days without a national government between two, thousand, ten and two, thousand and eleven. These protracted standoffs partially a product of Belgium's infernally intricate political order though Bailey bigger than the American States of Massachusetts or Vermont, and with a population small of in Greater Los Angeles. Even when Belgium doesn't have a national government, it's still has three regional governments parliaments for the french-speaking community and the German speaking community, ten provincial governments and not fewer than five hundred, eighty, one municipal councils. There's also a king should be needed. But that in finally, intricate political order is also the consequence of of dealing with Belgium's more fundamental complexities Belgium those small is also several even smaller nations neighboring and overlapping each other at the most recent election back in two thousand and nineteen the two biggest shares of the vote for the Federal Parliament were won by parties who don't think Belgium should even really exist the moderate Flemish nationalists of the new Flemish Alliance and the far right Flemish firebreathers of lambs belong. One reason it has taken. So long to put a new government together is the difficulty of assembling a coalition which excludes both of them. But is this just an exercise in postponing the problem rather than solving it is the remotest chance that keeping nationalists out of power will actually render nationalism less partial is Belgium in its present form ultimately doomed this is the foreign desk.

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