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The Jets are currently 30-second or 34 31st in every offensive wage. Corey right now, but they do get left Bell back this week. I think another one of the quarterbacks might be healthy. is darnold out to No, I don't. I don't do a lot of research on my crazy, go for it. Yeah, it's whatever tied 6-6 cuz we're still good. We're so bad. That's what we do it. Anyway. All right cross it out of the week. I'll start with this one. I'm going to go Vikings Seahawks. I think that this is going to be a zoom zoom type of game. A lot of the games are going to be blowouts. I think this won't be close enough to where the teams are going to keep their starters in most of the game. That's weird to say but Vikings moved the ball. Well Seahawks are actually one of the worst defenses in the league and I think if you're going to win the game, but I think both teams will fill it up a little bit I think is good pick. I think we looked at the lines and I think that's the that's what Vegas think's going to be the highest scoring game. So that's a good pick. I've got giants-cowboys speaking of two teams that can't play defense. That is why I think this is going to be a shootout the projected to score fifty three or so off. I think that's like the second or third highest amount Cowboys defense is just atrocious. The Giants defense is atrocious. I just think they're just going to keep scoring on each other off. I want the Giants to get up big early and then just have Dak though crazy in the second half bring it back cuz they just keeps doing it. That's what's so crazy. Text numbers are so good. It's just because the defense already has to talk about many yards. He's got those Blake Bortles numbers. That guy. All right. So I think that's pretty good on all our picks this week. Yeah. Are you ready for bed? Cuz I'm not too bad. I am ready for bed. Turn off. All right, I think that's it. All right, you guys are running our social media on Facebook Instagram. That's our masks on the back summer at Spivey special everywhere. We have our website spice special home podcast. Go ahead head over there. Check us out on podbean. Go ahead Spira special podcast. Go ahead scribe there. We would love that. And again another big shout-out to Tyler Goulding in my kefir for voluntary now that are hold the golf tournament today. And Zac you anything else? No, that's it exact. You're fat. Try

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