Main cooperative selling mink to shut as virus forces cull


The world's largest for auction house says it will be closing over the next 2 to 3 years settle over. God reports that the announcement from Copenhagen for follows Denmark's decision to destroy millions of mink as a result of Corona virus variants being discovered, citing a high risk to public health. Danish officials last week ordered the country's 17 million mink killed after a Corona virus mutation showed reduced sensitivity to anti bodies. In the political fallout that's followed. There was some waffling over whether mink farmers should be allowed to keep breeding stock that would enable an eventual restart of the industry but for Copenhagen for a cooperative owned by Danish mink farmers. The writing is on the world. The CEO says Even the strongest community cannot survive the decisions that have been made. Meanwhile, Humane Society International hails the news as a tipping point that could signal the beginning of the end of the fur trade. For NPR News. I'm Cecil Oh, Regard in

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