Canned Foods that CAN Work for Baby-Led Weaning


My general rule of thumb just to give you like the quick and dirty. I love to see less than one hundred milligrams of sodium per serving food that. I'm serving my baby now. That is not published official guidance because there is none of that for babies less than one so we have to kind of us like best practices. Which is yeah you want to minimize sodium. Most of the foods roughing baby are fresh. Wholesome foods that are not pro process. That are not coming from gans so if you occasionally do feed processed food try to keep it on the lower side of sodium less than a hundred milligrams is like a good benchmark also knowing that the nutrition facts panel is going to reflect serving sizes that are appropriate for adults. And i don't care like how into eating baby is they're not gonna eat a half a cup of garbanzo beans so they're actually eating less than the amount of sodium posted in the label but good rule of thumb less than one hundred milligrams per serving now when you go to pick canned goods. This is like the easiest place to get super good at reading labels really fast I'm gonna give example of garbanzo beans. I was just working on this. Pumpkin curry led weaning recipe for my pumpkin episode recently. Don't just like told my husband. Because i don't like to go storage more and sometimes i ask instacart key. Please get three cans of no added salt garbanzo beans and three that are regular saul in three that are reduced sodium. Like they don't get it or listen to mesa. my husband also doesn't either but anyway comes back from the store. I'm like just by like three different types of canned garbanzo beans from the same brand as teaching experiment so he brings back s&w brand. This is like not brand bashing by any means certainly not sponsor but like that was the brand. That was at sprouts that day and sprouts sexually a great store to buy canned because they have no added salt versions of almost all canned foods. So s&w beans. I hope he went to sprouts. I don't know where he went. He's really not a lot to go to the grocery store unattended. Most of the time but in this case comes home cans of low sodium and regular garbanzo beans. They cost the same. They look the same. But when you flip the label over and a half a cup. Serving the low sodium garbanzo beans had a hundred and forty milligrams the regular ones had four hundred twenty milligrams. So essentially there were three times as much sodium in the regular girvan beans as compared to the low sodium. Now in the united states. Low-sodium means one forty milligram or less per serving s&w pushing it to the upper limit right. They're gonna call that low sodium and they're going to max it out at one forty but it still three times less than the amount of sodium in the regular bonds beans again. They cost the same. They look the same to your baby. They taste the same. We want to air towards the side of the lower sodium foods and again if you rinsed the low sodium garbanzo beans. You would take that one hundred and forty milligrams down to about ninety two milligrams which falls below the hundred milligrams per serving threshold and again. Nobody's gonna eat half a couple of garbanzo beans as an aside. If you are serving your baby can garbanzo beans. You wanna slip them out of the skin and smash them with your thumb. We smash foods that are about the size of our bonds hoping or a blueberry smashing with your thumb up until the time if your baby is one and even beyond that if you want to be extra cautious so read your labels no added salt is going to be the lowest one low-sodium means one forty milligrams or less a tricky labeling law or rule is about reduced sodium reduce sodium just means twenty five percent less sodium than the regular one and the regular one can be have as much sodium as they want to so good example. This is like when you look at soy sauce. People will be like oh. Give me the green bottle giving the low sodium soy sauce soy sauce as you likely know is just liquid salt reduced sodium in the green bottle. That's not low salt that produced it just means there's twenty five percent less salt in the liquid sodium soy sauce then in the regular one okay so reduced sodium just means twenty five percent less. Read those labels carefully look for less than one hundred milligrams for babies in. You're in good shape. Let's talk about canned fruit. Okay yeah. Fresh fruit is great and frozen for the doesn't have any added. Sugar is a great option too but there are still foods that you might only be able to get for your baby in a conversion and they're totally fine provided we're not concerned about sodium in this case we're concerned about sugar so when you're looking at vegetables you're wanting to reduce the sodium in the conversions when you're looking at fruits you're going to pay attention to the sugar. The added sugar anything packed in light syrup or heavy syrup to stay away from the word syrup syrup just means added sugar and age to under should not have added sugar according to the american academy of pediatrics right.

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