How Probiotics Reduce Cravings & Support Weight Loss


Simple act of eating real food supports good health and truly this job of talking about eating. Real food connects me to my roots. I grew up on the same ranch in north dakota that my grandpa homesteaded nearly nine decades ago and my grandma who just passed away. This last march lived on that ranch long after grandma died long after she retired. I could actually see grandma's house out of our kitchen window growing up and there was barely a day that went by that. I didn't see my grandma and grandma knew how to cook. You never left her house hungry. That's for sure. She made delicious meals and all from real food. She butchered her own chickens. She collected her own eggs. When our kids were little she milked. The cows gave her the cream that she put in her coffee. And oh my goodness grandma made delicious whipped cream from that real cream on the holidays to tap her apple pie in her pumpkin pie and of course when grandma was baking pies she used real lard never crisco and whenever i think of grandma is gardening. Grandma had a huge garden filled with tons of delicious vegetables dinner. At grandma's meant you'd not only get delicious food but you'd get real food so like i said maybe the biggest reason why i love hosting this dishing up nutrition program is that ties me to my roots because it allows me to share with all of you the importance of eating that real food like the kind of food that i grew up on. So enough of my reminiscent. Let's get to today's topic as always. It's a good one and i think it's pretty timely. With the holidays coming upon us today we're going to be talking about how probiotics can reduce your cravings and help with weight loss so with that i'd like to introduce my co host in studio with me. This morning is a fellow registered and licensed dietitian and leah. I've been talking long enough. How about you take a minute to tell listeners. A little bit about yourself. I think the hand off. Cassie and good morning. Twelve our listeners. Good saturday morning to all of our listeners. So i only client showed. And i've been a registered dietitian with nutritional weight and wellness for the last three and a half years and i am a proud mama of a two year old boy and in mma. When i'm at home part time i hang out with him and then part time i see clients out of our mendota heights office and right. Now we're seeing all of our clients virtually or over the phone but one of my favorite things to do on. Those workdays is to really help clients. Problem solved to help them. Achieve whatever their health goal is and to help them just kind of achieve better overall health in general and i will admit so. Cassie you told a wonderful story about growing up with real food. And and how i love what you said about this tying it back to your roots while i didn't necessarily have that same of background coming into this so when i was first introduced to that real food message. It wasn't until i was actually in graduate school and going to get my master's degree in nutrition so as dietetic student. And i would still say you know. Even at that point. I was a long term health nut still so health and nutrition and wellness was still a passion of mine but when i first heard that real food message i was a little skeptical because it was so different than what i was actually learning in school but i had some digestive problems. I had some anxiety. I had some knee pain. That was making me feel than what i really was. So i decided to just kinda swallow a little bit of that pride and decided to just give that balanced eating a try will lo and behold three weeks later. I felt better than i had felt in years so the bloating and the gas. That would happen to me. Every single night that was eighty percent gone within those first three weeks and my energy was my anxiety was down and my really big aha moment. When i first started noticing. Those ballot benefits eating real food. Was that the chaka creating were gone. Absolutely one hundred percent gone. I realized and i remember it so clearly. I was driving home from class one night and was thinking and was i haven't touched or even thought about a piece of chocolate in the last three weeks. That was huge for me. And then i was like oh i get it now. This makes sense this is. It's clicking for me now. So ever since then you know it became that you know that believer and just wanting to share that knowledge and that passion that experience with that message with anyone and everyone who who is willing to listen to me yes and we have a lot of people that i think are willing to listen to us today to indian so yeah. Let's turn our attention now to today's topic how probiotics reduce cravings and support weight loss. I'm sure you've noticed that. In in recent years it seems like the popularity of probiotics has sort of exploded and and gone mainstream. I mean right. You can see ads on television for probiotics. I've seen many ads in magazines. I even saw a popular brand of granola bars at the grocery store. A couple of weeks ago. That had the word probiotics huge across the front label. Yep now i would not recommend buying foods like that were there. Just throwing some probiotics into the mix. That's not a natural way to get your probiotics. But i think it really speaks to the fact that while probiotics are top of mind with a lot of people and a lot of times. These advertisements for probiotics are focusing on the support that they have on our digestive system and on our immune system and both of those are big reasons why we should be getting probiotics in our daily routine And let me just stop there a minute and say you know for people that want to

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