87. The Vitosha Bear Museum Lives in a Tiny Mountain Hut

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And see statues of brown bear and her cub remains to be done. Because you know we had no real but only dose and that gave the is among the fake cave is the perfect example of the museum working with what it has in this case a dark low ceiling. Basement that doesn't require electricity. And choosing the interpretive materials carefully in this case a simple sat shoe is quite effective in many ways. The museum stands apart from the museo children's museum in sofia which we featured in episode six and forty six of this show that museum the first children's museum in the balkans features a large number of computerized interactive's centered around the concept of playful learning which was not encouraged to say the least when bulgaria was a communist country but the vita should bear. Museum also breaks the mold of rote memorization and statistics. Overload that used to define bulgaria's education system and is still present at many of bulgaria's largest museums instead of computerized interactive's. The museum finds playful learning in the feeling of a sparse rangers. Hot and next season the museum will add electricity with a solar panel system. Next year over year we got on the company make a solar system we saw an activity and then we will have more to do with electricity installed deakin and his team hoped to increase the number and interactivity of the exhibits of not bet to have this kind of nature of of of really to touch the payroll to smell leaves and also you can have some interactive games. You may some three d. and mentioned to see how the peril looking around but dorgan who spend all his time in the mountains if he could still considers the biggest museum to be on the outside the museum in the biggest most. And it's good to have both. This has been museum archipelago per full. Transcript of this episode as well as show notes and links visit museum archipelago dot com museum. Archipelago is supported by listeners. Like you who have joined club archipelago club archipelago members. Get access to a bonus. Podcast feed where we've been doing. Indepth reviews of how museums are portrayed in movies tv shows and even video games. If you can't get enough of how museums shape our lives. Join club archipelago. Today by visiting joined the museum dot club. Thanks for listening and next time bring a friend.

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