Washington DC Weather: Severe Thunderstorm Warning


Thank you to NBC for Steve Prince Valley. Steve. You can see where the front move through. Those temperatures went. Bye bye. Yeah, they really plummeted quickly to Del and they're going to continue to drop tonight. I expect overnight lows to be into the forties across much of the area only getting back to the middle fifties tomorrow, so a few degrees below the average of 58. The reason for this, As you said, a cold front boy didn't pack quite a punch Storm team for weather alert through the evening and we've had severe thunderstorm warnings. Numerous warnings, but good news right now Del in friends. The latest that we have no severe thunderstorm warnings for the immediate W T o p listening are we still have the walk that continues? Remember severe thunderstorm watch that goes out until 11 p.m. tonight. That includes really are Southern and Eastern part of the listening area. You know, I spoke to sue their has just Yes, you Thunderstorm Warning. Calvert Charles, Prince Georges ST Mary's and King George Counting, newly issued goes until 9 15. That's what I'm watching right now. Friends on storm team for radar. It's the on Lee game in town. Really? It's a line of storms extending saying You're the Waldorf area over towards always you head towards a new town, Belle Alton and then right across the river and the King George County. So again, That's what we're gonna be watching is that moves eastward about 30 Miles an hour. Some gusty winds of downpours. Winds could gust fit. Few plus miles an hour, Watch out Equal harbor over towards the hunting town area, And then as you head towards Chesapeake Beach, those areas as well covered until 9 15 severe thunderstorm warning. Member Wind advisory goes out until 9 p.m. as well for our western suburbs Lows tonight. The forties highs tomorrow. The mid fifties with sunshine. Partly cloudy Tuesday Low fifties Wednesday and Thursday. We're in the cold forties with sunshine numbers right now, 55 4 Belvoir and following the cold front and the Waldorf 63, but winds gusting to 33 del, Steve. Thank you very much. 55 degrees outside our

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