Ethiopia: a Nobel Peace laureate goes to war


There is no hostage to fortune. Quite like the nobel peace prize. Just as the peacemaker of today you can often be the munger of yesterday. They can also be the warmonger of tomorrow. Abi ahmed. Prime minister of ethiopia was two thousand and nineteen nobel peace laureate recognized for finally ending eighth european hostilities with its neighbor and former province eritrea a year later ibm prize. Looks like one of the nobel. Peace committees hastier. Garlanding along with those of yasser arafat. Suu she and henry kissinger ethiopia is at war with tegray. A region in the country's north the immediate cause was to graze decision to hold in september a local despite being told not to by abbey national government sheduled elections across the european were postponed due to the covid nineteen pandemic behind that lies to gray and resentment of amid efforts to reduce to graze dominance of ethiopia's national politics before abi ahmed became prime minister. The to gray in people's liberation front had effectively governed all of ethiopia for nearly two decades. It's hard to know exactly what is going on into gray right now. Phones down. the internet is off. It's not much easier to speak to theo. Paeans elsewhere in ethiopia several people. We asked to participate in this program. Responded that they were simply too scared but over the news there is none of it is good

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