Will distributing a COVID-19 vaccine be a 'logistical nightmare'?


About the subject of vaccines. How hopeful here as you said. We could be a couple of weeks months away from starting to see some distribution. Can we get people to take it though. That's the million dollar question. It's gonna be a logistical nightmare. I mean first vaccine. The pfizer vaccine is gosh to have to store that Minus i think ninety four degrees fahrenheit refrigerators can get it down to about ten degrees fahrenheit but Mine is ninety four fahrenheit. This is very very unusual type of product to during product that they've talked about today doesn't have such stringent requirements. But look it's it. It's going to be a nightmare to try to get this vaccine distributed to three hundred and thirty million people across the country. And by the way you know you're going to need two shots three to four weeks apart so trying to keep the the the pfizer product you know at this very very cold temperature in distributing it in a very timely fashion. I don't think people are going to probably be able to get vaccinated in terms of the masses probably into spring into summer. That's the reality. So that's why. I'd be a very very strong advocate of again. You know personal wearing a mask hand washing all the routine things that we've been told now many many times but the vaccine i think it's it's it's gonna be Our way to escape this plague because Your alternative is herd. Immunity who eighty eighty five percent of the population ultimately becomes infected Than than than transmission naturally slows down. But i think it's interesting these two products. But i the the the to mr and a vaccines have been available. You know what it's no cuisine and it's that these are in a Vaccines have come around. I as opposed to the more traditional what we call whole virus vaccines so these products. It's it's great Genetic engineering where you have the body's response to generates a protein that your body reacts to and then theoretically protects you once we had the genetic sequence of the Covid nineteen virus was relatively easy. I mean i'm not a vaccine. Knowledge is but i can tell you. It was relatively easy to make an m. r. a vaccine. What we have to do is prove that it's safe and once we can get that data out. I think that'll be really much more reassuring to the general public. You never really know clinical trials or one thing. There have been lots of medications that did great and a clinical trial. Guess what when they opened it up to the general physician prescribing population and we started giving it to all our patients. They had to pull it back within a year. Because there were all these unexpected unanticipated Medical problems associated with it. And i can tell you that. From personal experience with antibiotics that looked great on paper and once they were delivered into the general population. Unexpected side effects were seeing and the fda withdrew the approval.

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