Injured Big Ben rallies unbeaten Steelers past Cowboys 24-19


Wow. Ah, as as the guy that had the Steelers in my survivor pool, we did survive, and that's what it's all about. Those Bulls survive an event surviving events and Pittsburgh rallies from two scores down. 19 9/4 quarter. Ben throws breach touchdown passes. In the second half first half. They just did not play. And then Ben leader leaves the game with a knee injury after getting hit does actually come back? You know, you talk about a screwy situation and you thought you won this what we want to make a game out that it's not over till it's over. Take this football game out. You know it's 24 nights or it's actually you know 19 to 50 17. Pittsburgh is driving. They go down the field and they score touchdown. They take the lead. Dallas tries to rally They turn it over and Pittsburgh it's the football seemingly game done. But Dallas does have three timeouts left, and, ah Pittsburgh. Faced with a field goal, try a short field goal or fourth and one they actually go for it. Fourth and one. They don't make it inside the Dallas 15 yard line. Give the ball back to the Cowgirls with 38 seconds left. No time out. You think it's all right? No big deal. The ending touchdown is this game's over. They got a rookie quarterback Garrett Gilbert, or a noble No name, quarterback, right? Mother. There's Garrett Gilbert with 38 seconds left and no timeouts, leading the towels. Cowboys down the field. Get cement to the red zone actually gets them right around the 15 20 yard line on the final play, and the ball is knocked down in the ends would actually picked off in the end zone and Pittsburgh survives And I mean survives. 24 19. Many people questioning why Pittsburgh didn't just go for that field goal there in that spot. I don't have an issue with it. I really don't because one the field goal kicker had one field goal are one extra point blocked. He missed another one. Hey, wasn't exactly having a great day. Dallas was put great pressure on them the whole time. So that led into his thinking of Let's just get them one yard and we'll win the ball game knowing that Dallas had to get a touchdown. I'm sure of 1000 in the field goal. They would have gone for the field goal themselves. But knowing that they would be at worst, turning the ball over at the 15 yard line with 38 seconds left no time out. You got to feel pretty comfortable about that, right? But just goes to show you how these NFL quarterbacks even the Garrett Gilbert world, you give them any time on the clock, boy it just never ever over. Pittsburgh survived 24 19. Agent Open the first time in franchise history. How boys

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