A Prayer of the Afflicted Part 2


All of the hearers today both here and online that we might be blessed touched by your spirit in jesus wonderful in precious name. We ask for your glory. Everyone said amen versus three through eight real quick as we continue on of psalm. One or two from my days are consumed smoke. my bones are burned like a hearth. My heart is stricken and withered like grass. So that i forget to eat my bread because of the sound of my groaning my bones cling to my skin. i'm like a pelican of the wilderness. I'm like an all of the desert. I lie awake. And like a sparrow alone on the house top my enemies reproach me all day long those who deride me swear an oath against me. I want to talk to you about what we are going through. What the psalmist is going through and what we go through in our lives and in the situations that we are confronted with sometimes on a continual basis. He mentioned here that he in verse number four. He says it makes a statement that lets you know how deeply distressed the psalmist is. I'm going to take us down. Pick back up again all right so bear with me as i press us down. Don't get too discouraged if you're watching online. Don't shut it off when you feel discouraged. Because i'm going to show you what the answer to it. All is so bear with me here. He mentioned that he's so depressed. And so discourage that. He has forgotten to eat his bread now. I don't know if you've ever been there. I don't know if you've ever fought depression to the degree that you can no longer eat. I don't know if you've been so discouraged with life that you didn't feel like sitting down to eat that you just didn't want to eat it. It can and does indeed get that bad sometimes. It could be a mental battle. Sometimes it can be a physical battle. Sometimes it can be social battle. Sometimes it can be a spiritual battle but they all affect each other every kind of battle you face affects every aspect of your life if it goes deep enough. What are what. I mean by that. What if you're going through a mental battle it'll eventually affect you physically socially and spiritually. How maybe you've been through a physical battle. And it affected you mentally and spiritually and socially sometimes we go through a social battle and it affects us mentally physically and spiritually. Sometimes it's a spiritual battle that turns around and affects us mentally physically and socially and so they all inter. We've with one another so that when you are fighting a battle it affects all of your life and the deeper it goes the more your life is affected this psalm. Writer is going through a mental physical social and a spiritual crisis so much so that he said his heart was smitten like grass and withered and so he forgot to eat his bread. He's not talking about a slight problem. He's not talking about an obstacle to overcome. He's talking about a situation in life that has caused him to go solo receive a blow that wounded him so much. We're not talking about a bruised muscle. we're not talking about a slight scratch on the skin. We're talking about something so deep that it's caused him to forget to eat his bread. Anyone who has experienced serious loss experienced depression or anything like that can say that they know what this psalm writer is experiencing when he says he forgot to eat. Have you ever been so bad off. You lost your appetite. If you've ever suffered depression you know what losing your appetite is like. If you've ever suffered through depression you'd know what feeling isolated as like you'd know what social battles are like spiritual battles are like. And i don't mean to limit this to depression but many times as i said physical social or mental can affect us so that it affects us in a way of being depressed. The body and the mind cannot function properly without the proper nutrition. This is not a class on nutrition by any stretch of the imagination but when we become depressed we tend to do the things that make it worse when we fight a battle we tend to lean on the things that make the battle harder to fight when we get discouraged. We tend to stay away from church when we become depressed. We tend to cut ourselves off from those that love us when our body needs nourishment the most we feel like not eating when our spirits needs strength the most we struggle the most in prayer. Can you say the very thing we need is very thing. That's the most difficult to do. And that's why we cannot walk by feeling but we must of necessity walk by faith and so he said by the voice of my groaning. My bones are cleaning to my flesh. He was lonely he was sleepless. He was reproached and he went on in verse. Five and six to say this and this is an interesting statement. He says i'm like a pelican of the wilderness. And i'm become as an hour of the waste places now pelican. An owl in. The bible are unclean birds. They're not good. They're not looked upon with any kind of any kind of a love. Or respect to the pelican and the ahl he said i become like the pelican the wilderness and have become like the all of the waste places and We see in this a certain definite direct representation of loneliness and depression. He was not comparing himself to the eagle. That flies high above the mountain tops and high above the difficulties. That's not what he's comparing yourself to. He's comparing himself to the pelican in the wilderness and then he goes on in verse number six and he says this i watch and become like a sparrow. That is a loan on the house top now. Sparrows don't usually hang out by themselves. We've got a must be a whole flock of sparrows that live in this pine tree right behind my garage and as the weather starts getting cold if you look closely. All of those branches filled with these little birds. Little sparrow birds and oftentimes. I'll walk out my back door to come over here to the church and They'll be a couple of sparrows on the pavement and they'll actually walk over and go under my car and go out the other side. As i walked past the car. I see him walk back under the car to go there in pairs triplets groups flocks. Several of them were they fly back and forth and they're getting ready for winter and they're all working together but here here are something different because the psalmist writes here and says i'm like a sparrow that's been cut off from the flock alone. I'm like despair that's operating by myself. He said i'm like a sparrow. Ben is alone on a house. Top very discouraging vary depressing statements. He's making in fact. This is what jesus said about sparrows. Jesus said that sparrows are sold to for a penny. You don't even buy in one at a time. You buy them to for a penny. That's how worthless they are

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