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We are really fortunate that this podcast has continued to gain recognition as a great for small business owners. Business leaders sales professionals. Were you know we've been included on all sorts of lists of the best podcast. Listen to and that is because of the guests. These are folks who have expertise in particular areas of business and they are gracious enough to join me for a conversation where they share that expertise with all of you that way you get the information you need when you need it as you need it. I go back and listen again. You can reach out to the gas All good and that is all here to help you succeed and being more profitable and successful. Today is no exception. My guest today is andrea albright andrea. Who is recognized as a thought. Leader publisher is on a mission to create the next movement for authors and evolve the publishing industry. She's not just the publisher she's a legacy maker. Andrea has become the author of twenty five bucks reaching tens of millions worldwide in over forty countries. Now she's taken her passion for helping author sign the same success by publishing books with meaning. Thanks so much for joining me andrea hello alot. Thank you for having me wonderful to be here. I am thrilled to have you here. we're gonna be talking about marketing and growing business in an all that happy stuff. And i i'd like to start with what sorts of personal obstacles do you think entrepreneurs face when they're starting a business. Well obviously there are a lot of obstacles which is why the success rate of businesses staying in business is only about fifteen percents within five years which is really crazy to think that eighty five percent of businesses will be out of business before five years and so obviously there are lots of obstacles or else we wouldn't have these kinds of statistics. You know the beginning of a business is it's like the baby you know it's got very few resources doesn't have a lot of credibility or traction and doesn't have a history or a legacy all it has is the vision and the vision is. What an entrepreneur. Start a business and i. It's the moving out that visit why entrepreneurs fail especially in the startup phase. Really okay. So so they lose that vision. What happens there. Well you start a business. You see a possibility for something better. You are either innovating. An industry a product service at you. Think you know what i can do it better and so it really comes from a vision but what happens when you get into the day to day business. You'd because so overwhelmed with paying your cable at dealing with clients and changes in the economy and competition and so all these things began to weigh on the entrepreneur and the entrepreneur actually starts to treat their business like a job and that is the worst thing an entrepreneur can ever do because it is only the visionary the ones who are able to see beyond the today drudgery and the day today even. You're now the visionaries are ones who can see into the future. See where the market is evolving. And make sure that they stay on the cutting edge. Okay so. I signed that. So interesting i think it is so easy to get stuck just in doing and not staying above the fray so that you can really be directing it. It's i can see. How do you explain it. I can see how that could be How entrepreneurs lose that vision in quite get it when you originally when you set up but that makes perfect sense to me. It's unfortunate. yes. And i've been an entrepreneur for seventeen years now and i have seen over ten thousand entrepreneurs start a business and the amount of people who are still in business. It's just very rare very few and the statistics show. That will what happens. Okay the ones who have lasted are the ones who are the visionaries who didn't get caught up in the changes in the economy or a switch in the government know all of these things that people use as excuses for why they're going out of business. The ones who are truly innovating are so far ahead of the game that we saw all of this coming in some way or another and so we've been able to innovate. This is the time of innovation. And if your business has failed during this time now it's time to start a new one of the best history is start a business.

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