Parent Teacher Conferences - burst 3

The World at Large


Write it But it's interesting so anyways. Us secretary of state. Mike pompeo rejected this advice. Seeing that all the countries listed above commit more human rights abuses in the united states and what he said this specifically and quote brutal regimes shouting the loudest above our record have the most to hide about their abysmal records and quote so he just fired back. He said you are shouting to cover up the atrocities. You commit you china. I seen those videos. I saw the drone footage. Do not lie to me. Do not tell me about my stomach. Racism you understand china. I'm going to get the bell off my waist right now. i'm going to slap you. If you keep telling me that i am committing human rights abuses. mike pompeo's defiantly the parent that teachers fear. He's they cancel his meeting. Your child's doing just fine. Mike pompeo scary belt out and twenty eight team so twenty eighteen. The united states left the human rights council. They said we're out we're done. This is so anti american. This oh anti israel and that's what the trump administration used as a justification for leaving it. They said it was an inherent quality of it in. That

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