What to Feed Your Heart


Levels to determine which plan to follow correct you know the thing about an ounce of prevention is really true it takes less work to prevent disease than to reverse it right so what you can do is if you don't have heart disease. You can begin by making moderate changes. It's not all or nothing. People often think that the died. I recommend is really strict. And it's either or you often. And that's completely the opposite of what i like. It's a spectrum so if you're eating twelve cheeseburgers a today go to nine burgers day if that's enough to get your cholesterol down. That may be all you need to do. Because there is a genetic variability in how efficiently some people can get rid of the fat and cholesterol diet okay. What if you're not eating any cheeseburgers at all but you still have high cholesterol. Well then you might want to cut back even further. The goal is to get your total cholesterol below. One hundred and fifty. Or the what's called the ldl bad cholesterol. Say ninety or ninety five and if you're levels are already that low whatever you're doing is probably fine at least as far as heart's concern if they're above that just begin to progressively cut back on the amount of fan so that's one of the things we should know. What is our cholesterol just like. You should know your blood type. That's right right. You should definitely your cholesterol. And it's a simple test. Cost a few dollars. Everybody should not. Okay now dr. Oranges plan is low. Fat high fiber diet that puts food into three different categories foods to choose most often foods to eat in moderation and foods to choose least often doctor says it foods to choose. Most often are the fruit and vegetables. Why it sounds so boring. You know it's gonna lou longer just going to seem longer. You know new thing now. Because i know when having heart palpitations dr orange. Because he is like the number one guy in the country. So i think i'm open. I can call him. So i did and he actually like return. My calls shocking. He's a guy that toby you do not have heart disease. You do not have heart disease but anyway since talking to you. I've now a platter of grapes on the kitchen counter. You know for decorations. But then i would walk by and like take a bunch and all the sugar show now tangerines. They're so it's an easier thing and just take a couple bites of the tangerines on eating more fruits. Because you you also say beans and certain whole grains and cereals but when when you go from eating a high fat high animal protein diet to a low fat fruits vegetables grains beans things like that. You're really getting a double benefit. Because you're reducing your state blunt. You a bloated bean feeling. I call him beanie. Babies in this too shall pass. This too shall pass very good because you you're running on the track ago doesn't do it doesn't do much for your social support. But but the fact is you have little microorganisms in your intestines and as switch your diet they change and during that transition period. You have a lot more bloating but once you get on it for a few months than it gets out. No you don't blow not what's your on for a few months. It takes time for your for your gut to adjust to it. Okay got it okay. Whole wheat pasta brown rice oats. So you're you're eliminating the white stuff too when you go from a typical american diet high in meat and animal protein and fat to a low fat whole foods plant based diet fruits vegetables grains. If he's what we've been talking about you get a double benefit not only reducing your intake of the disease promoting substances like cholesterol saturated fat oxidants. But you're also getting at least a thousand other substances that are protective that have anti-cancer anti heart heart disease even anti aging properties so brown stuff brown stuff and potatoes potatoes. The white stuff you said. Potatoes are okay if you eat it with the other things because when you go when you eat a lot of simple sugars like sugar. White flour white rice pasta to white flour. You're getting a double whammy. You're getting all these calories that don't fill you up. Because you've removed the fiber and the brand that ordinarily fill you up and get a job quickly. Say they so they your blood sugar. Zooms up your pancreas makes insulin to bring your blood sugar back down. Which is but the insulin. Accelerates the conversion senior living in a country where people are afraid of carbohydrates. Well that's the thing is people think you should go from simple. Carbohydrates support grinds on the high protein diet. Which is crazy because then you you're getting lose weight on those high protein diets lose weight because people is so many simple carbohydrates. there is some advantage. That's what makes them so dangerous. Because they're seductive people lose weight but then mortgage health. You can lose weight on chemotherapy that minutes for a good way to do it. You know if you go from simple. Carbohydrates to whole foods. The ones you what does simple carbohydrate sugar white flour white rice says the white thing. So why things if you stop eating those instead of going to pork rinds. And so on and bacon and sausage go from the white things to brown ground. Things fruit a whole wheat flour brown rice and then fruits vegetables grains in their natural forms. They're loaded in fiber so they fill you up before you get too many calories and they slow the absorption of the food so you don't get that rapid rise in blood sugar that caused the insulin response is going to do something for insulin. That's right so you get the benefits that you get on a high protein diet instead of mortgaging your health. You actually enhance your health. Okay more of this episode after short break. Today's episode is supported by better. Help online counseling. 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H e l p dot com slash oprah talked with therapist online and get help dr orange. His plan also allows you to eat plenty of non fat yogurt and cheeses. Kim melt and ed white so the basic thing to remember is eliminate the white stuff the white stuff and the animal stuff to the degree. You can move in that direction. There's a benefit. Okay eliminate the white stuff and the animals like the meads pork. Rinds the bacon. If you're going to eat animals stuff go from meets to chicken to fish. Give up the bird. You don't have to give up the verge because you don't have heart disease. Yeah okay you had heart disease. You'd have to give up the bird. The reason is yes because people have heart disease in general are not very efficient. Getting rid of the fat and cholesterol and their diet and so even that moderate amount is more than their body can handle. And so if you're eating more than your body can get rid of it keeps building up in your arteries. I'll be good news. Is that even if you're on the unlucky end of the spectrum the inefficient end of the spectrum. Another you're not very good at getting rid of the fat and cholesterol that you eat if you reduce your intake off which is what we've found in our research you can actually in most cases reverse it you say you seen result in seven days. We've found that your blood flow to your brain improves in just a week or two. You think more clearly you have more energy so you can remember where you put your key. That's right we're talking with dr dena issue about what to feed your heart to reverse or prevent heart disease or two different plans. The number one killer of women we just heard How thirty one year old. Laurie was shocked when her back pain turned out to be a heart attack and now she wants to know how she can reverse her heart disease. So we sent one of dr orange his registered dieticians. Because you have a whole clinic don't you. It's

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